What You Need To Know About Your Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are all over the place waiting to offer you their services in getting apartment. This is the more reason why you have to know the exact person you are dealing with. Some of them pause as real estate agents to dupe you with your money. Take time to follow up if you are dealing with the right person. Here are some of the things you should look for or do to identify a legit real estate agent.

Get referred by successful cases

It is only obvious that you will believe that the referred agent is legit. Most of the time, your friends or colleagues will give you their successful stories of the agents they were dealing with. At the same time, those who had a bad experience will warn you not go close or associate with them. It is also not a matter of only being legit but the services being offered by the agents. Of course you will believe your friends as opposed to total strangers.

Look for a registered company

By now you can differentiate who is registered or not. In as much as other will prove to you that they are registered and have an office, it might not be legit. Look up on the internet where most fraudster are listed. It is definite if they are not who they claim to be, their names will appear on the list. Another option is to ask pronounced agency thatis known around the area you are considering to stay. Money US news also have similar insights.

Ask for social security number

Any adult working already has a social security number and this is what you can use to track or trace the agents. It is essential you request for both identity number or card and those get the serial number of which if you run them on internet, you will see their names appear plus area of work. Take note that I am not saying to take these items and immediately run to close computer next you. It is something you only do if you are suspecting devious behavior. If you go on doing that to every real estate agent then you will end up wasting a lot of time. Other might even think you are a detective.

Request to go view the property with the agent

An agent will not be willing to take you see a property that is not under his care for the fear of being caught. The red alert to look for is when they start giving you excuse and end up not taking you to see the house. Today you will hear he is out of town, tomorrow he will be committed in a meeting and the story is always the same. Even Brooklyn NY rental apartments have their own agents.