Changing The Look Of Your Apartment Without Spending Any Money

It is not always when you want to have your apartment look different in term of décor or furnishing that money has to be spent. Sometimes it is only a matter of spotting something that might appear irrelevant to making it useful. Changing the look of you’re apartment just requires a little creativity to get it all done. Look around you and make the resources you already have useful. Other might call you a cheap skate but that is how the economy is, so let no finger pointed at you hinder your progress.

Do some rearrangements

It is simple as taking your sofas in the living room and putting them in a different position. The real twist is brought by the longest couch you have, it s the only one that people will take note of. If you have your sits scattered in the living room you can converge them together around the coffee table and living space all round. This way, your apartment will also precisely look neat. Try putting your TV against the wall as opposed to putting it on the TV stand. This would only apply if you have if you have a flat screen TV which is suitable to stay close to the wall. As much this will sound absurd, putting your big painting on front wall up side down more so if it is a land scape. This will keep any one wondering and trying to figure out what the portrait is about.

Ask for your friends’ hand

You will come to know the importance of your friends when you want some little help with you wall painting. For example, apartments in Dumbo Brooklyn are very spacious and painting the house on your own might take you a while to finish. This is the time to go through your phone book and start making some phone calls to your friends to come help you during the weekend. If three or so friends grabbed a roller for each for then you will see that only money you spend was for paint.

Partition the big rug

There you are in need of a nice rug to put on your bedroom floor and you can’t wrap your head around buying a new one. The sitting area does not have to be covered with a big rug from corner to corner. The rug can be set only around the sting are space only where you sit when watching g TV. The size of the rug you want to cut will depend on the space you want to cover. If the rug is too small then it is not a must you partition it. Check out inside digs to get more clarification on how to change the appearance of your home with no extra money spent.