Decorate The Least Remembered Room: The Bathroom

With a lot of honesty, bathroom is the most forgotten places when decorating a house. Someone will take all the time available and spend it in decorating the kitchen and the living area. No one is being judgmental but, that mostly happens because bathroom is a hidden place that visitor would have site of in the first glance. But have you ever thought about decorating your bathroom do that when you have friends over or hosting guests they not be disappointed. Your living room is looking s flashy yet you cannot make an attempt to pimp your bathroom.

Use unique taps

Taps are easier to notice because they are frequently used whenever visiting the bathroom. Depending on how much space you have, long curved taps seem to add some more décor to the bathroom. Unlike the other small taps, the long ones will produce another stylish appearance of the space. Using such taps is interesting in such a way that you will always want to be in that room.

Portable bathtub

Bathtubs have different makes especially the portable one. Instead of having the normal plain bathtub, why not replace with that one that has decorative patterns on it. Most of the movable bathtubs have stand supporting them off the ground. In connection to this, it is recommendable you have one with curved stand as opposed to straight ones. The golden color will do much better than the normal white and will give a nice ambiance when lights are switched on. Apartment rental Brooklyn NY have well decorated bathtubs that captures imagination.

Hand woven rugs

Bathroom floors are slippery and after taking a shower, you will want to stand on a dry surface. A hand woven rug is the way to go. If you can have one custom made for would be a good idea as you will the one to give the pattern of your choice. The woven rug has a rough feel that is even soothing to your feet every minute you step on it. Let your friends ask you where you acquired the rug and then that is when you know you have it right.

Bright colors

Well, you have seen people sometimes light colored candles and place them around the bathroom to make it lively. That is the same thing you can do with lighting in the sense that you add bright colors to the room that when the light are on the reflection give a similar effects as of the candles. Having a cozy bathroom makes it worth the stay around the room. The choices are not limited so explore further on how to add décor to your bathroom.