Getting A Reliable Real Estate Agent To Rent You An Apartment

Before starting any engagement of searching a house, you need to ascertain that the agent you are dealing with is genuine. There is a current rise of fraudsters in the internet and scams who pass themselves as real estate agent. You find yourself in a compromising situation when dealing with such people whereby there is a house you were shown but it is not valid.

Asking money via MoneyGram or Western Union

Don’t look any further for the red flags. One you hear an agent asking you to wiring money through the mentioned channels then you have to open your eyes wide. How can an agent ask you for a five months advance deposit and you haven’t even seen the property first hand? Don’t dare whatever the circumstances to send money via western union wire transfer. It is possible that sometimes you are really desperate and want to get a house a fast as possible. You will lose both your money and no apartment.

Owner out of town

Fraudster agents have the tendencies of telling you that the owner of the house travelled and so it ill not be possible at the moment to have a look at the house. Have it at the back of your mind that you have to meet the landlord or the agent in person. Not only that, anyone is capable of presenting themselves so ask for identifications. There you are always given excuses and end up not seeing the house, it is high time you turn around and walk towards the other direction.

Very low price

When you look at apartments, obviously there are those with slightly cheaper prices. Now when it comes to prices being slashed to almost half the price of similar listings then that is not genuine. Some deals appear to be too good to be free so be warned. You might be jumping up and down in the air how you got the best deal ever yet there is nothing in store. Why would very nice houses like Brooklyn luxury apartment rentals go for half the price of the market price? There is no sense in that all.

Filling out an application

Agents who ae genuine will ask you to sign an application after you have seen the property and you are fine with it. Some agents give their legit application on the website but you can only fill in your personal details after the verification the house you want really exists. Look out for agents who will insist on you signing an application then you see the property later. Instincts never lie so you have a bad feeling about an agent then do not go ahead with that deal.