Importance Of Finding An Apartment Close To Social Amenities

Of course there is an importance in having social amenities close to you. Be it schools, gym, restaurant, hospitals, parks and places of worship. Tenants feel that they nee to be living close to get these facilities for their own convenience. Some of the social amenities are to meet the basic needs and others to fulfill the luxury part.

The gym

Currently every tabloid, social media, Instagram and blogs are all about keeping fit and staying healthy. With the numbers of obesity in America, people in real estate business saw the need to install gym and yoga centers for renters to works out during their free time. It is important to drop off the extra calories in the body. As it is, it seems that exercising is a trend and is becoming a necessity.


A residence accommodates both young school going children and college students so the closer they are to their schools the better. Parents don’t like when they have to drop their children in long distance schools. This is because when living in places like luxury apartments Brooklyn NY there is usually less time to spend as people are busy with work or running businesses. You will find tenants while search for apartment listings they will find out if schools are in the near by.

The park

Children get excited during the weekends and holidays where they have some free time to hand with friends and play. Consequently, this kind of excitement can be cut short when you shift to an area where there is no park for the children to play. The park in not only a play ground for the children but adults too can make it as a meeting point to chat and have picnics. Having a park close to your apartment can be considered a luxury and at the same time a basic need depending on what purpose it is serving you.


Picture this, you are from work and you had a long day, you get home by 7 pm and dinner is not yet on the table. I must agree the situation can be tricky and there is no way you want to spend time moving around the kitchen making dinner. This is the time a near by restaurant come in handy. All you need to do is drop by and pick your family to go have dinner out. But this is not a pass ticket to avoid making food for your family; it is just to save you in certain occasions.


You never know when you can suddenly fall ill. What happens in such a scenario and no enough time for an ambulance to come get you? Talk of sudden labor for ladies. Stay close to a hospital; it is a life saver sometimes.