Laws That Guards You As A Tenant

One thing you have to know as a renter is that there are laws set in place to guard you together with you landlord. This is because some landlords can harass you and even infringe your rights. The law mainly dwell on issue of money more so payment of rent. Any time you are renting a house it is important to make sure that there is a contract in existence and you go through it before signing. Contracts are also not easy to understand so you can look for professional help.

Have a lawyer to explain

As already insinuated, reading the contract might be too long or confusing. Some of the terms and conditions provided in the contract might be too rigid and involving. This is the time the lawyer will inform you if the contract is good and fair. Maybe the leasing period is too short and method of payment not favorable, you are at will to question the landlord or even drop the contract as well. .

Inspect the house/apartment

You have the right to see the surrounding you are intending to live in even without making any payments first. The landlord has no right to push you to pay the house before looking at the condition of the house.  What you look for in the house is if the house in good shape in terms of maintenance, if the space is worth the rent you are intended to pay and maybe the amenities that have to be paid for. Apartments rental Brooklyn NY are some houses you go around inspecting if they suit your needs

Have insurance

You the tenant as well as the landlord should in a possession of insurance for the property. The insurance can be very useful for people owning commercial houses. Companies that are giving you the insurance should be offering it at reasonable rate. Insurance is to get you covered on any damages that might take place in your property of tenancy. Accidents sometimes are bound to happen the common one being fire. This way, you will know that you are protected.

Security deposit

What is the amount of the security deposit that the landlord requires from you? After you know the amount is the landlord guaranteeing that the money will be refunded by the end of your stay?. Be on the look out if the landlord asks you to pay for more than two month’s rent upfront. This same deposit, find out if it is meant to cater for any damages beyond wear and tear. Most of the times, the security deposit is used to take care of normal damages like wear and tear. So when the house has some crack or faded paint, know that the responsibility is for the landlord. Even Landlord Tenant Law says so.