Top 3 Best Apartments To Rent In Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn is a wonderful city to live as well as Brooklyn Heights is the oldest and luxurious place where life never slows down. If you are planning to get an apartment on rent there then this article can help you a lot.

If you are planning to move to Brooklyn then let me aware you with one fact that you are approximately one of 117,100 as per the latest survey by government. This persistently increasing population has led new comers to face a serious problem that is to find a suitable apartment to live in this most populated city in New York. You are really luckyif you have found a one or two bedroom units in main city because the city had witnessed skyrocket in prices of rental apartments. But, there is one good news for you; most of population in Brooklyn is of movers who are not permanent residents. So all you need is little time and patience to get your dream rental apartment in the city.

Brooklyn heights is the one of the oldest settled areas in Brooklyn. It is used to call the area of millionaires, because the millionaires like the Rockefeller families live there. This will give you a clue about that this is really not a cheap area if you are planning to rent a spacious apartment. Brooklyn Heights is the area where life in never dull. So if you are planning to live here, then there is a quick view about top 3 best apartments that you can rent in Brooklyn Heights.

  • One bedroom units

You can easily find one unit apartments in Brooklyn heights with full facilities like swimming pool, gym, dishwasher and many more. But all that is going to affect your pocket. A starting range of one room units in Brooklyn Heights is $ 514 per month and if you want more spacious with more facilities than you can extend up to $ 4500. One bedroom units are most in demand among bachelors.

  • Two bedroom units

Two bedroom units are surely going to give you a comfort if you are a social animal and there is a regular inflow of guests on weekends. Having a separate bedroom will provide you some privacy. But this is going to be Lil’ costlier than one bedroom apartments. If you are thinking to own a two bedroom unit on rent then spare 2,500-6,500 rent from your monthly income.

Studio is a small self contained apartment which combines living room, bedroom and kitchen in one room. These are quite cheap and perfectly designed for students. You can easily find a studio in Brooklyn Heights in the price range of1450- 6500. One can easily find a lot of facilities like wifi, dishwasher and many more with this. If you are good at bargaining, then you can even find an even cheaper studio there. Get more details here about the best apartments to rent in Brooklyn heights.