8 Features Every Luxury Rental Apartment In Brooklyn Offers

Very few have the opportunity of living in the lap of luxury. But, if you are loaded enough and do have the opportunity to experience sheer luxury, check out that you do not miss out on any facilities. Luxury rental apartments in Brooklyn are high on demand because of the exclusive features they are ready to provide.

The moment you walk into one of these luxury rental apartments, you would realize that these apartments look straight out of a Hollywood movie!

  1. Pools: Luxury apartments would naturally have swimming pools, but the kind of swimming pools matter. Some luxury apartments in Brooklyn have sky lighted indoor pools while others have outdoor heated swimming pools. If you can choose really well, some rental apartments such as Brooklyn Air offers swimming pools in the lap of clouds literally. Imagine having a swimming pool at a height of 400 feet. The pool could be as deep as 50 feet beautifully designed with mosaic tiles and a mind-blowing view of the city skyline!
  2. Roof decks: Having a deck perched high in the sky is real luxury. A landscaping lounge or roof deck offering a 360 degree view of the beautiful Manhattan and Brooklyn skyline, is almost like having a backyard in the clouds.
  3. Gym facilities or fitness centres: These apartments ensure that you stay fit with highly equipped modern fitness centres. Some apartments would also provide yoga facilities along with the gym. With great views, some fitness centres span across two stories, inspiring you to work out all the more!
  4. Lounges: Name a kind of lounge and these luxury rental apartments will have it. Media lounges are really in these days. Resident lounges are fully equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and barbeque facilities. Whether you simply want to chat with your friends over a steaming cup of coffee or work on a pending project, these lounges are the very best!
  5. Floor to ceiling windows: These windows bring in a dash of nature’s beauty giving you the full luxury to enjoy the Brooklyn skyline.
  6. World class furnishing:Get everything from 9-10 feet high ceilings, dark oak wood flooring, swanky customised walk in closets, sound bar system equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, world class fixtures, rooms flooded with LED lighting and spa style washrooms.
  7. Outdoor sports facilities: Jogging spaces, basketball courts, tennis courts, golf greens or a simple green stretch to go for your morning run. Luxury apartments have all the outdoor sports facilities.
  8. Storage and high end appliances: Choose from Italian cabinetry, sleek kitchens with world class stainless steel kitchen appliances which are equipped with climate control features and are energy efficient as well.

So, treat yourself to the luxury of these apartments. You can read more here about the luxury apartments.