Smart Ways To Find Rental Deals On Residential Apartments In Brooklyn

Whether you are in Manhattan or Brooklyn, looking for an apartment could be a tough task. Especially with the ever increasing rental rates and broker fees, you might simply not come across anything that is affordable. However, this happens if you do not know the Smart ways to find rental deals on residential apartments in Brooklyn.

  • Timing matters

Whenever, you are planning to crack a good deal (car or house or business), the timing matters a lot. It is one of the crucial factors. The housing inventory starts opening up from the month of May, so the prices are really competitive in the summer months as most of the demand is during that period. So, if you want to bag a smart deal on an apartment, you could make your move in the month of September or October. During this time, almost no demand exists and landlords are willing to negotiate on the rent.

  • No fee residential apartments

Broker fees are at an average of 12-15 percent of a year’s rent. So if you are paying a rent of $3000 per month, you could just imagine the thousands pf dollars you would shelling out to the broker itself. However, with alittle investment of time and a good research across the internet, you can come across many websites which have plenty of listings with the ‘no fee’ tag. Some of the notable websites you must visit list would be:

  1. com
  2. Renthop
  3. StreetEasy

Most of these websites have dedicated filters for no fee listings and also very low fee listings to help you save on those thousands of dollars, and still get a nice apartment for rent. Find out more at

  • Knowing the neighbourhood which suits you best

Buying an apartment for a very low rent which requires 2 hours of daily commute to your workplace makes no sense at all. Also, buying an apartment in a very noisy neighbourhood is not great for an elderly retired couple looking for some peace. Thus, with over sixty neighbourhoods, Brooklyn has something for everyone in terms of demographics, history, culture and vibe. Thus, if you choose smartly, you could actually get the very best.

  • Word of mouth marketing!

Well, tell everybody you know that you are hunting for an apartment. Use every possible method, put up a post on a social networking site, so that any friend or ‘friend of friend’ coming across that post would be able to get in touch with you. You never know that someone might be finishing their lease or looking desperately for a roommate. You could also consider putting it up on your office log in portal, so that even your colleagues can give you information on some great deals.