Social Media Tricks To Find The Luxury Rental Apartments In Brooklyn

Whenever we think of social media, the first thing that comes to our mind is connecting with friends and relatives and knowing about what is happening across the world. But have you ever thought that social media can be used as a platform to find a great luxury rental apartment very easily? If the answer is no, here is how you can make social media do the house hunting for you. It is easy, involves no cost and has immense potential.

  • Microblogs such as Twitter

Twitter could be used very effectively by hash tagging the right words, so you can see what is trending and what is people saying about a specific area or a specific project.

  • Social networking sites such as Facebook

Everyday we spend hours scrolling up and down over our social networking news feed, looking at what people are doing what they are earingand where they have been to! Chances are that if you post a status online that you are looking for luxury apartments in Brooklyn, hundreds of your friends would have viewed it. With some more time, friends of friends would also be able to see your status. Your viability increases. Thus, there could be someone who was looking for a roommate or is shifting out of his/her apartment and is ready to have adeal with you. It costs nothing but 10 seconds but the probability of getting some good insights or suggestions of brokers or neighbourhoods is very high. People love commenting on posts, and you could get some really candid first-hand information and feedback on the localities and the pros and cons etc.

  • Real estate forums or online communities

There are a lot of real estate forums and online communities where people discuss about their real estate needs and feedback and experiences. The best forums you could look into are Rent Social, which makes your apartment search super easy.It is complete with pictures, comments and price and roommate information. There are several other sites like this. You could check out

These suggestions and discussions could prove to be really useful while you embark on your luxury apartment hunt. It is not physically possible to visit every neighbourhood but by going through these online discussionsyoucould have a clear understanding of the prevailing rates and broker fees; the localities you would clearly want to avoid and the localities which you must visit. This kind of information is precious especially when brokers are ready to sell off almost anything to you in the name of luxury!

So post a status or a snap, tweet about your apartment quest or simply Instagram it to make house hunting super easy!