Manhattan’s Most Exciting Neighborhood

apartments in west chelsea | Manhattan NYC

Manhattan, New York City is one of the most exciting places to live in all of the United States.  Manhattan is known for its wealthy business districts, the world-class dance and theater to be seen on Broadway, foods from the most prestigious chefs and is the capital for luxury shopping and living.  A new residence designed by the Rockwell Group is a 71-story tower of pure luxurious residences.  This building is really stiring up conversation about it’s amenities and the high-class people who live there.  They call this building, Sky.  The incredible views of the Manhattan skyline are taken in full advantage.  Large floor to ceiling windows in each apartment make for jaw-dropping vistas of the city.

Entertainment Near By

The Sky apartments in West Chelsea are just blocks from the top theatrical performances in the world.  Allowing for great access and easy availability to see all of the shows that are making NYC live up to its’ name in the performing arts.  Along with the best theater around, there is also a bustling nightlife with sophisticated lounges and clubs to enjoy any night of the week.  All of this is just right at your fingertips when you are live at Sky.  The convenience of being in the center of the city’s entertainment gives you great access to have a fun night on the town without having to go out and find it.  It’s right at your doorstep.

Restaurants in the Neighborhood

There is certainly no shortage of restaurants in this part of Manhattan either. Famous restaurants like Hell’s Kitchen are near by.  Plus, foods from all over the globe can be found right in the neighborhood. From Italian to South American dishes to fantastic seafood, it all can be found in West Chelsea.  There is no way that a person can go hungry even for a day when you live in a place with such a wide assortment of wonderful restaurants and eateries.

Parks to Enjoy

Just outside the doors of Sky, lays the 550 acre, Hudson River Park.  All with great views of the Hudson River and miles upon miles of paths for walking, running or biking on a nice day.  Water activities are also available for people to go paddle-boarding, kayaking or sailing. Besides just staying on the water, there are multiple places for kids to play and for dogs to run around.  Within the park there are also basketball and volleyball courts, batting cages, bowling, golf, ice skating, mini golf, rock climbing, swimming and so much more.  The park is to be used as a center for getting active and having a great time while doing it.