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How To Rent Your Apartment In Brooklyn Heights

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Many people lure over the idea to rent out their homes in down market while outing in vacations. This may be for seeking some extra benefit, income or to save some money to pay bills, add more luxuries or even a substitute way turn things into better economy. These motives can be plentiful but it might become more painful or trouble causing when it’s without appropriate considerations or procedures aren’t made. Becoming a landlord is not that easy or tension free thing, there are several considerations to make other than assuring that having a good tenant. Becoming a landlord is more trouble causing than it sounds good to get some extra money. Here there are few steps that will help you get into right direction-

  1. Understand the responsibility

First and above all is the decision to understand whether you are able to handle the obligation of being landlord or not. There are numerous benefits of renting your apartment such as ability to generate income rather than vandalizing your empty house, gives you ease of tax break which can possibly create profit.

But other than this being a landlord is a responsibility which the landlord needs to fit in his life as sometimes it may happen that things may fail to run smoothly. In fact, it is safe to assume so. You will need to keep eye on the maintenance skills of tenant, patience for expecting a less appealing house, stay on repairing and maintenance and above all collecting rent on time.

  1. Prepare your home

Renting your home is not easy or a one-step procedure. In down market you won’t be able to rent your apartment as it is. Tenants are choosy and attentive, if they are seeking for rented home it implies that they are ready to pay and get facilitated. Thereby they’ll seek for a better option and in city like Brooklyn there are various options available according to pay scale.

Prepare you house by thoroughly cleaning, aesthetically decorated.(For more information on art and culture you can read more here.) Make sure the appliances like washer and dryer, air condition are in good condition and working well

  1. Advertise properly

In research it has been found that use of adjective words like “granite”, “state-of-the-art”, “stainless steel appliances”, “vaulted ceilings”, “maple”, “gourmet”, “Korean” and “wood floors” help in getting renter. And make sure to use the mention words in your advertisement in house as well. Post the advertisement on authentic and reputed websites, frequently visited places,church, grocery shops,etc. to get more calls.

  1. Set a competitive price

Set the cost of your property by learning what other renting properties and websites are going for in your neighborhood. Potential tenants go for scouting around deals, so set your rent at competitive price and make sure to highlight the valuable aspects of your home.

  1. Screen tenants carefully

Choose the tenant very carefully. You don’t need to seek only the person who pay rent on time, but also one who keeps your home in good condition. If you are cohabitation with that person learn his habits so you won’t get nasty surprises. Check their histories and even after all these take safety precautions to avoid any mishaps.

Amazing Dumbo Apartments For Sale

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A long lasting objective that numerous natives have is to posses their house. While numerous individuals possess their own homes but the tradition of renting an apartment is emerging as a preferred choice for most of the individuals. Because of busy life-style and constant relocation of the new age crowd renting an apartment is a much better choice than buying one. While both leasing and purchasing have their own particular financial advantage, but leasing does seem to have an edge when an individual’s economic situation is not very good. There are enormous money related advantages to leasing instead of purchasing your very own place. Here is a glance at some of the reasons why leaseholders have the better monetary arrangement over property holders.

No Maintenance Costs or Repair Bills

The biggest advantageous point that the lease holders have over the home buyers is that they do not have to pay for any kind of maintainence cost as well as repair bills. When one leases a property, their proprietor is in charge of all up-keep and repair costs. On the off chance that water tank does not functions properly or roof-top start getting cracks or even any kind of lekage of water emerges then a lease holder does nothave any monetary obligation to have these things fixed. A mortgage owner does not enjoy luxury of such kind of options they have to take care of all the repairs as even most of the smallest of repairs if not taken care of in time can risk inpermanent damage to the apartment.Contingent upon what the repair is, these expenses can be truely very demanding and can provide a very big dent on savings.

Access to Amenities

Another money related advantage to leasing over purchasing is that one can avail the benefits of using the amenities that most require a lot of money for using them otherwise. Extravagances, for example, an in-ground pool or a health club come standard at numerous midscale to upscale condo societies with no extra charge to inhabitants. Costing of these amenities is usually added up to the cost of the apartment or condo when it is sold by the builder. Another advantage that rentals have over the owners is that they can choose form many different varieties of homes. You can read more here describes about amazing dumbo apartments.

No Real Estate Taxes

A conspicuous advantage that tenants have over property holders is that they don’t need to pay propertytaxes. Property taxes are something that all the property owners have to pay,these taxes are usually on the higher sides and can be very tough on the owner. In spite of the fact that property charge estimations can be complex, they are for the most part decided taking into account the evaluated property estimation of your home. With houses getting bigger and bigger, property expenses can be a huge. However, above mentioned descriptoion is useful to provide reliable information regarding  the Dumbo Apartments.

8 Features Every Luxury Rental Apartment In Brooklyn Offers

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Very few have the opportunity of living in the lap of luxury. But, if you are loaded enough and do have the opportunity to experience sheer luxury, check out that you do not miss out on any facilities. Luxury rental apartments in Brooklyn are high on demand because of the exclusive features they are ready to provide.

The moment you walk into one of these luxury rental apartments, you would realize that these apartments look straight out of a Hollywood movie!

  1. Pools: Luxury apartments would naturally have swimming pools, but the kind of swimming pools matter. Some luxury apartments in Brooklyn have sky lighted indoor pools while others have outdoor heated swimming pools. If you can choose really well, some rental apartments such as Brooklyn Air offers swimming pools in the lap of clouds literally. Imagine having a swimming pool at a height of 400 feet. The pool could be as deep as 50 feet beautifully designed with mosaic tiles and a mind-blowing view of the city skyline!
  2. Roof decks: Having a deck perched high in the sky is real luxury. A landscaping lounge or roof deck offering a 360 degree view of the beautiful Manhattan and Brooklyn skyline, is almost like having a backyard in the clouds.
  3. Gym facilities or fitness centres: These apartments ensure that you stay fit with highly equipped modern fitness centres. Some apartments would also provide yoga facilities along with the gym. With great views, some fitness centres span across two stories, inspiring you to work out all the more!
  4. Lounges: Name a kind of lounge and these luxury rental apartments will have it. Media lounges are really in these days. Resident lounges are fully equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and barbeque facilities. Whether you simply want to chat with your friends over a steaming cup of coffee or work on a pending project, these lounges are the very best!
  5. Floor to ceiling windows: These windows bring in a dash of nature’s beauty giving you the full luxury to enjoy the Brooklyn skyline.
  6. World class furnishing:Get everything from 9-10 feet high ceilings, dark oak wood flooring, swanky customised walk in closets, sound bar system equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, world class fixtures, rooms flooded with LED lighting and spa style washrooms.
  7. Outdoor sports facilities: Jogging spaces, basketball courts, tennis courts, golf greens or a simple green stretch to go for your morning run. Luxury apartments have all the outdoor sports facilities.
  8. Storage and high end appliances: Choose from Italian cabinetry, sleek kitchens with world class stainless steel kitchen appliances which are equipped with climate control features and are energy efficient as well.

So, treat yourself to the luxury of these apartments. You can read more here about the luxury apartments.

Social Media Tricks To Find The Luxury Rental Apartments In Brooklyn

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Whenever we think of social media, the first thing that comes to our mind is connecting with friends and relatives and knowing about what is happening across the world. But have you ever thought that social media can be used as a platform to find a great luxury rental apartment very easily? If the answer is no, here is how you can make social media do the house hunting for you. It is easy, involves no cost and has immense potential.

  • Microblogs such as Twitter

Twitter could be used very effectively by hash tagging the right words, so you can see what is trending and what is people saying about a specific area or a specific project.

  • Social networking sites such as Facebook

Everyday we spend hours scrolling up and down over our social networking news feed, looking at what people are doing what they are earingand where they have been to! Chances are that if you post a status online that you are looking for luxury apartments in Brooklyn, hundreds of your friends would have viewed it. With some more time, friends of friends would also be able to see your status. Your viability increases. Thus, there could be someone who was looking for a roommate or is shifting out of his/her apartment and is ready to have adeal with you. It costs nothing but 10 seconds but the probability of getting some good insights or suggestions of brokers or neighbourhoods is very high. People love commenting on posts, and you could get some really candid first-hand information and feedback on the localities and the pros and cons etc.

  • Real estate forums or online communities

There are a lot of real estate forums and online communities where people discuss about their real estate needs and feedback and experiences. The best forums you could look into are Rent Social, which makes your apartment search super easy.It is complete with pictures, comments and price and roommate information. There are several other sites like this. You could check out

These suggestions and discussions could prove to be really useful while you embark on your luxury apartment hunt. It is not physically possible to visit every neighbourhood but by going through these online discussionsyoucould have a clear understanding of the prevailing rates and broker fees; the localities you would clearly want to avoid and the localities which you must visit. This kind of information is precious especially when brokers are ready to sell off almost anything to you in the name of luxury!

So post a status or a snap, tweet about your apartment quest or simply Instagram it to make house hunting super easy!

Dumbo Brooklyn Apartments: Beyond Your Dreams

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Have you ever thought that low rise buildings or apartments could also be some of the dream luxury apartments one could wish for? Well, these dreams come true in Brooklyn. Dumbo Brooklyn today offers some of the best luxury apartments, one loo of which is enough to take your breath away. You can choose anything from studios to two bedroom apartments, but be ready to shell out a fortune every month to live in the lap of luxury.

Imagine walking into a spacious apartment with luxurious oak wood flooring, soft lighting and a balcony opening to the Brooklyn skyline. This is a description of one of the premium projects coming up in Dumbo, Brooklyn. The interiors are plush with super comfy seating arrangements, modern aesthetics and world class wall and ceiling installations. Every apartment would have floor to ceiling windows making you feel like a celebrity in your own apartment. You could choose the kind of furniture you want, teak, rosewood or metallicand steely. Apart from the cosmetic looks, the other facilities that these apartments can provide are:

  • 24-hour attended lobby
  • Fitness center
  • Lounge area
  • Outdoor or indoor swimming pools with automated heating systems
  • Modern storage facilities
  • Common Wi-Fi connectivity at all spaces
  • High end-appliances with energy efficient and climate control features

If you are willing to pay more for your dream apartment, then you could come home to luxurious Italian marble flooring and crystal celling installations. The rooms are flooded with LED lighting. You could have your own roof deck and a mini café area within the apartment. The interiors of these luxury apartments are designed in a way to reflect the exterior design. The detailing is done to the extentthat your kitchen and bathroom floor tiles would be in sync or match with the motifs of the glass that is used outside. The bath spaces provided in these luxury apartments are nothing short of spas where you can easily unwind or relax after a hard day at work.

The lounge areas are very well designed to please your aesthetics. Some even have rendered lounge facilities with coffee bars. So you can literally forget whether you walked into a seven start hotel or your own apartment!

Relax in the swimming pool of your apartment or notch up your fitness with state of the art gym facilities, you can have it all at these dream apartments. Catch up with a friend in the luxurious lounge or brew a cup of coffee while enjoying a lovely sunset; go for a jog around the apartment or simply sip on the taste of life while you stay at one of these apartments.

Visit to learn more about luxury apartments in Dumbo.

Growth Of Commercial Rental Apartments In Brooklyn: A Market Study

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This report will give you a quick view about changing rental prices in Brooklyn. Recently there has been an explosion found in commercial rental apartments in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn has witnessed a hike in the population ofthe city for the very first time since 1950. The reason behind this hike in population is the low crime rate, increase in growth opportunities in the city, high life expectancy, high record tourism and many more reasons that make thecity a better place for living. The current growth rate of the city is 2.4%.Brooklyn is just about to cross the Chicago (third largest city in the US) if it is kept on growing at this rate.

This increase in population has also created a huge demand of rental apartments and all this leads to growth of commercial rental apartments in Brooklyn.There was an explosion in commercial and residential development areas. Average rent in Brooklyn has slightly risen this year in comparison to the previous one. The average rent in Brooklyn is approximately $2,714. But however, it varies for different apartments like 1 bedroom units, 2 bedroom units, studios and many more. One can own an apartment as per his/her requirement and spending capacity. Let’s take a quick look on rents of various apartment types in Brooklyn.

Average rents in Brooklyn rose by 0.48% from $2,711.22 in March 2015 to $2,724.14 in April 2015. The average price for a one-bedroom and two bedroom units increased to 1.23% and .91%, respectively, since March 2015, while the average price for a studio fell 1.13% across Brooklyn. Boerum Hill has been the greatest change in rent prices sinceMarch 2015, with average rents falling 7.72%. Clinton Hill saw the greatest increases of any neighborhood in the report, with prices growing an average of 4.53%. For a year over year perspective, the largest changes in average rent prices occurred in the neighborhoods of Downtown Brooklyn and Greenpoint. The average rent is up10.8% in Downtown Brooklyn over the last year, from an average of $3,114.00 in April 2014 to $3,451.00 in April 2015. Average rents are down 7.7% in Greenpoint over the last year, from $2,896.00 in April 2014 to $2,673.00 in April 2015. Listing inventory increased by 1.17% – from 2,984 rental units to 3,019 rental units. Williamsburg comprised the largest amount of on the market inventory in the report this month, accounting for nearly 24% of all listings in this month’s report.

This market report is based on market survey on various commercial websites and usually the data are collected for the apartments priced under $10,000. It is clearly visible from the analysis from this collected data that the rents are going to set a new height in coming months.A faster influx of new residents to Kings County would place it right behind Los Angeles even sooner, maybe before 2020. You can read more here reveals about Rental Apartments In Brooklyn.

7 Tools To Find The Best Two Bedroom Apartments In Brooklyn Heights

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Two bedroom apartments are ideal for couples and small families. The two bedroom apartment gives enough space efficiently yet offering more comfort than a smaller one bedroom or studio apartment. It provides you a bit of privacy providing ample closet space. Finding good and cheap apartment can be a hassle. If you are a renter and willing to find a best 2-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn heights, here are 7 tools to help you.

  1. Seek out for consultants

If you want to find out best and affordable 2-bedroom apartment contacts are the key to it. But only friends and family will not help to get the related stuff. Various professionals have started to work out to help in finding according to their desire. Seeking out their suggestion will help you to get better and more options availability and more references.

  1. Determine budget-

Often it happens when the renters visit various houses and locations they get tempt to what their broker convince them for. Or often it happens the landlords tempt the renters and you might go out of budget. Hence before contacting broker or talking to any landlord makes sure you strictly intimate them your budget and utilities.

  1. Electricity

Renting for budget renters is very thoughtful and even they need to look after every aspect to maintain proper equilibrium between the budget and meeting all the facilities. Whether the bill is included in rent or you need to pay it separately. If you want to save more on your costing you can pay it separately so as to save more.

  1. Amenities

Amenities are the most important feature when it comes to find a rented house or you want to purchase it. Within the pay scale the apartment should also meet the comfort, convenience or enjoyment. The public as well as basic amenities should be there so that it serves your needs. Amenities revive your legacy (to know more about it go to the link

  1. Register yourself-

Register yourself to authentic and reputed website or home portals to get better and varied options. If you want get free from broker fees, you can go for it. Registering yourself also ensures you are getting all the amenities in actual comparing with more options at the same time.

  1. Constant Rent increase

The landlords many times turns out greedy or even it happens they give excuses as it is scarce for what they are providing. Being a renter never go on ease with your landlord and suffer whatever he demands constantly. Scan and judge with the deeds of the landlord to add convenience in your later renting period so that you won’t suffer paying more and more rent every month unnecessarily.

  1. Condition and maintenance

Before moving into any apartment, you should always check and thoroughly go through the condition of the apartment. Check all the appliances whether they are functioning properly or not or whether they need maintenance. Make sure to check maintenance cost is included in rent or not.

Top 3 Best Apartments To Rent In Brooklyn Heights

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Brooklyn is a wonderful city to live as well as Brooklyn Heights is the oldest and luxurious place where life never slows down. If you are planning to get an apartment on rent there then this article can help you a lot.

If you are planning to move to Brooklyn then let me aware you with one fact that you are approximately one of 117,100 as per the latest survey by government. This persistently increasing population has led new comers to face a serious problem that is to find a suitable apartment to live in this most populated city in New York. You are really luckyif you have found a one or two bedroom units in main city because the city had witnessed skyrocket in prices of rental apartments. But, there is one good news for you; most of population in Brooklyn is of movers who are not permanent residents. So all you need is little time and patience to get your dream rental apartment in the city.

Brooklyn heights is the one of the oldest settled areas in Brooklyn. It is used to call the area of millionaires, because the millionaires like the Rockefeller families live there. This will give you a clue about that this is really not a cheap area if you are planning to rent a spacious apartment. Brooklyn Heights is the area where life in never dull. So if you are planning to live here, then there is a quick view about top 3 best apartments that you can rent in Brooklyn Heights.

  • One bedroom units

You can easily find one unit apartments in Brooklyn heights with full facilities like swimming pool, gym, dishwasher and many more. But all that is going to affect your pocket. A starting range of one room units in Brooklyn Heights is $ 514 per month and if you want more spacious with more facilities than you can extend up to $ 4500. One bedroom units are most in demand among bachelors.

  • Two bedroom units

Two bedroom units are surely going to give you a comfort if you are a social animal and there is a regular inflow of guests on weekends. Having a separate bedroom will provide you some privacy. But this is going to be Lil’ costlier than one bedroom apartments. If you are thinking to own a two bedroom unit on rent then spare 2,500-6,500 rent from your monthly income.

Studio is a small self contained apartment which combines living room, bedroom and kitchen in one room. These are quite cheap and perfectly designed for students. You can easily find a studio in Brooklyn Heights in the price range of1450- 6500. One can easily find a lot of facilities like wifi, dishwasher and many more with this. If you are good at bargaining, then you can even find an even cheaper studio there. Get more details here about the best apartments to rent in Brooklyn heights.

Smart Ways To Find Rental Deals On Residential Apartments In Brooklyn

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Whether you are in Manhattan or Brooklyn, looking for an apartment could be a tough task. Especially with the ever increasing rental rates and broker fees, you might simply not come across anything that is affordable. However, this happens if you do not know the Smart ways to find rental deals on residential apartments in Brooklyn.

  • Timing matters

Whenever, you are planning to crack a good deal (car or house or business), the timing matters a lot. It is one of the crucial factors. The housing inventory starts opening up from the month of May, so the prices are really competitive in the summer months as most of the demand is during that period. So, if you want to bag a smart deal on an apartment, you could make your move in the month of September or October. During this time, almost no demand exists and landlords are willing to negotiate on the rent.

  • No fee residential apartments

Broker fees are at an average of 12-15 percent of a year’s rent. So if you are paying a rent of $3000 per month, you could just imagine the thousands pf dollars you would shelling out to the broker itself. However, with alittle investment of time and a good research across the internet, you can come across many websites which have plenty of listings with the ‘no fee’ tag. Some of the notable websites you must visit list would be:

  1. com
  2. Renthop
  3. StreetEasy

Most of these websites have dedicated filters for no fee listings and also very low fee listings to help you save on those thousands of dollars, and still get a nice apartment for rent. Find out more at

  • Knowing the neighbourhood which suits you best

Buying an apartment for a very low rent which requires 2 hours of daily commute to your workplace makes no sense at all. Also, buying an apartment in a very noisy neighbourhood is not great for an elderly retired couple looking for some peace. Thus, with over sixty neighbourhoods, Brooklyn has something for everyone in terms of demographics, history, culture and vibe. Thus, if you choose smartly, you could actually get the very best.

  • Word of mouth marketing!

Well, tell everybody you know that you are hunting for an apartment. Use every possible method, put up a post on a social networking site, so that any friend or ‘friend of friend’ coming across that post would be able to get in touch with you. You never know that someone might be finishing their lease or looking desperately for a roommate. You could also consider putting it up on your office log in portal, so that even your colleagues can give you information on some great deals.

Why Dumbo Is Well Known For Rental Apartments?

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Dumbo in Brooklyn is all set to experience a very busy summer with the real estate demand going really high. Loads of new apartments and condos are coming up in Dumbo to welcome the new influx of house hunters. Water Street and Washington Street are seeing the most activity in terms of apartments, rental towers and work tower construction.

Dumbo was oncefamous for its sprawling spaces and huge expensive apartments. But now the trend has changed drastically. More and more smaller apartments are coming up in Dumbo, to make affordable living a reality. The changing trend of divide the existing spaces to create more bedrooms signal a shift in the rental mix. The occupants are more of single families, small families and entry level executives. After all Dumbo is one of the city’s most coveted neighbourhoods. If you are lucky enough, you could have a direct view of Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge from your apartment. Now that is some great sight to come back home to.

Dumbo with its excellent facilities and great connectivity is today experiencing some of the highest rents for one bedroom and two bedroom apartments.

Dumbo’s journey

When we look back, Dumbo has performed exceptionally well by transforming itself from an underused waterfront area to a full-fledged industrial, residential, commercial and tech hub.

Dumbo was once sheer wasteland used for abandoned car dumping and oil barrels.

Today, the median rent for a one bedroom apartment in Dumbo would be $3600. People would do anything to get an apartment for rent at Dumbo. Real estate developer, Walentas was majorly responsible for giving new life to Dumbo. Dumbo has all modern facilities, infrastructural requirements, connectivity to Manhattan, educational facilities, entertainment and dining options and strikingly beautiful museums and art galleries. The presence of art and culture in a neighbourhood, determines the quality of residents it would attract. The factors which made Dumbo a favourite for the house hunters were:

  • The consecutive two tech booms
  • The sky high prices and rental rates in Manhattan
  • Very family friendly neighbourhoods
  • The slow developmental phase of East River

Dumbo established itself as a part of the Brooklyn Tech Triangle along with Downtown Brooklyn and the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The employment opportunities and their growth would attract more residents there. Also a lot of changes in demographics are expected in terms of:

  • Really affordable housing for those with very low incomes
  • More schools, so that the growing teens do not have to move out in search of quality education
  • Investment of bigger and more mature companies in Dumbo contrary to the present crowd of start-ups.

So do not hesitate, find out more at