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6 Top Trends You Will Find in Dumbo Apartment Rentals

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Dumbo apartments for rental

New York City is the place to be if you want to have easy access to the biggest city in the US, great views and modern apartment rentals. In the borough of Brooklyn, the neighborhood of Dumbo is just right off the Brooklyn Bridge. This has been the hotspot for many new apartment developments. Transforming old buildings into livable works of art.  Dumbo apartments for rent are brilliantly convenient and fabulously perfect for creating a trendy space that suits your style.


Industrial Minimalism

The whole design behind industrial minimalism is keeping things sleek and modern. Using metal, glass and clean lines throughout the space are huge components to this concept. Keeping things as simple as possible and very practical are what minimalism is all about. This has become unbelievably popular in the past recent years and continues to grow an interest among Dumbo apartment renters.


Mixing Old & New

The combination of modern conveniences alongside antique accents has become increasingly popular. Creating a one-of-a-kind look using antique and thrift store finds has created a culture of creativity in the apartment rental community. Recycling or up-cycling good from decades past has been one of the biggest trends in Dumbo.


Combing Textures

The combination of textures in a space adds depth and interest. Using a mixture of leather, furs, woods, tiles and patterns creates a wide variety of experiences in a room. Textures draw you into the space and look inviting, making this a trend that may stay for awhile.


Splashes of Color

Among the simplicity of the minimalistic design, there’s also the added aesthetic value of splashes of brighter colors. The contrast in the apartment décor catches the eye and makes the residence unique.


Natural Looks

The use of wood or products that resemble wood has made its appearance in just about all Dumbo apartment rentals.   Rich warm colors, bright clean or even aged wood flooring often times sweeps through each apartment unit creating a natural flow.   These natural colors are timeless and compliment the other decorating trends well.


Edited Clutter

This idea of edited clutter is a combination of making your space look like your own personal touch, without having it looking like a sterile environment. This is like having a mixture of frames and knit-knacks on your fireplace mantel that are all unique and different, but not having too many that it looks messy and unorganized. Edited clutter is about going against cookie-cutter décor and finding your own style.