How do you React to Marketing Strategies?

Celebrity promotions


When searching for apartments in Dumbo Brooklyn, you are sure to come across marketing strategies by the building owners or real estate agents. Strategies are in place in the hopes that the property will attract renters easily. Sometimes Dumbo Brooklyn apartment open houses are not enough to sell the property to a renter. Property management companies have to go to great lengths in order to find renters to take on a property. This may include flooding social media with photos and information or even hiring celebrities to promote the apartment. How do you react to marketing strategies? Would having a celebrity promote an apartment influence you to rent?

Going too far?

Some might think that hiring celebrities to promote apartments in Brooklyn Heights might be going too far. However, we know that celebrities are quite successful in selling other products such as drinks and food. How much influence do celebrities have on our buying choices? Some people might buy something just because a celebrity endorses it and the consumer thinks it’s cool, while others might be willing to make the jump due to the fact that they trust the celebrity’s opinion. Whatever the case may be, celebrities are being called upon when it comes to promoting properties, especially in New York, in the hopes of gaining high profile renters.

One way to get an apartment noticed is for the property management company to promote current occupants. While most celebrities like to stay private, it is not uncommon for their residence to be public knowledge. An apartment might fetch a higher rent price per month if consumers know that they are living close to a famous celebrity.

So, during an apartment search, take notice as to whether or not the high rise might be home to a celebrity. If you like the thought of living next to pop culture royalty, you might find a nice new apartment by reviewing apartments that have celebrity endorsements!