3 Luxury Buildings at Bergen County You Must See

bergen-county luxury- apartments

Bergen County is popular for its luxury living standards, with people from all around the U.S. coming to find their dream home. This area has many vibrant reasons why it’s one of the most demanded residential options in New Jersey. With rich history, the best schools, beautiful rivers, valleys and mountains, there is every reason why this is the perfect place to find your home.

There are many luxury buildings for sale in the county with a median price listing of $539,000. If you have been looking for the perfect, luxury residential option, you must not miss out on these three best buildings in Bergen County.

  1. The Pierre Apartments

The Pierre Apartments in Hackensack is a fantastic place to choose as your home. The most prominent feature of this luxury space is its security. The location also makes it worthwhile, as it’s just five minutes away from the subway station.

In addition to the location and beautiful architecture, pick this property for the long list of amenities it has to offer, including fitness center, outdoor pool, security guard, on-site dry cleaning service and a business center.

  1. The Modern Residences

You cannot miss out on The Modern Residences, if looking for Bergen County luxury apartments. Everything about this place speaks of quality and lavishness. They are beautifully designed apartments with open floor plans and tons of amenities and structural benefits that are impossible to ignore.

From high-end appliances, to spacious bedrooms, large kitchens, and solar sun shades, the Modern Residences is everything you dream about for luxury living.

Check it here http://rentthemodern.com/residences.php

  1. Vermella Lyndhurst

It’s been labeled as one of the best residential apartments in Bergen County that will instantly grab your attention. The space, architecture, location and hardwood floors make this a perfect place to call home.

Each apartment home boasts high-quality stainless steel appliances, plush carpet, dryer-in units, and tons of other amenities that you don’t want to miss out on.

Visit these properties yourself and find out why they are the best and most luxurious residential buildings in Bergen County