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Influenced by Celebrities Opinions?

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Can a celebrity convince you to rent Dumbo Brooklyn apartmentsThere seems to be a new marketing trend bouncing around in residential real estate. When an open house isn’t enough to get the property sold, you bank on creative marketing. For instance, collaborate with a celebrity to get noticed and exposure. Throw a themed open house party like The ‘70s with maybe a 70’s rock band to perform. Throw an art-and-sculpture-themed party, complete with local artists to show off their work at the open house. A prohibition-themed party is a fun idea for an open house featuring a live jazz band, costumed gangsters and burlesque dancers.

There’s a sleek 35-story, luxury rental tower at 300 Ashland Place in Brooklyn that seemed to loom over an area known for its row houses. For the Brooklyn property, management company Two Trees Management has partnered with fashion blogger/magazine editor Tavi Gevinson, 21, to promote 300 Ashland Place. Gevinson has more than 550,000 Instagram followers, and she lives at 300 Ashland Place, as well as promotes it. Short of paying more for rent like apartments in Brooklyn Heights, 300 Ashland Place is the place to live.

There are so many creative and innovative ways to promote properties for sale and seek out buyers today with or without a celebrity endorsement or appearance. But here’s an interesting question – What if celebrities marketed their own properties for sale in addition to their heavily commissioned broker’s assistance? Would they close the deal with a higher selling price?

For example, there’s Anne Hathaway and her ninth floor loft apartments in Dumbo Brooklyn that she sold at the iconic Clocktower building. Hathaway purchased the 2,592 square foot corner unit in January 2013 for $4.1 million. After more than a year on the market, her Dumbo Brooklyn apartments finally sold for $4,330,000. Maybe if Hathaway put together a video of herself touring her lofts and posted it repeatedly on Facebook, she would have gotten much more exposure than just her real estate broker alone.

Same type of example with Julia Roberts selling her home in Hawaii. Situated on 231 feet of beach frontage on the crest of Kauai’s Hanalei Bay, Roberts’ original asking price was about $30 million. Named the Faye Residence, the original purchase price was $13.375 million. After owning the two-plus-acre estate with two houses for 5 years, Roberts’ property sold for $16.2 million. The two plantation-style structures combine to offer seven bedrooms and four bathrooms with nearly 3,800 square feet of living space. Just think if Julia Roberts did her own advertising for her Hawaii house. Perhaps Roberts would have been able to get closer to her original asking price with a YouTube video of her gorgeous Hawaiian beachfront property…

So, are we influenced by celebrities’ opinions? Yes, in a world of constant social media, society does rely somewhat on what celebrities have to say. How is this proven to be true? We keep watching and listening to them. It’s something to think about anyways.

Apartments for Rent in Dumbo Brooklyn: A Guide for Potential Residents

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apartments in dumbo brooklyn

Apartments in Dumbo Brooklyn -guide:

apartments in dumbo brooklyn

Moving to a new home is always exciting but at the same time exhausting! It´s not easy to find the perfect place to live at affordable prices and with all of the amenities we would like to enjoy. If you are searching for Dumbo apartments for rental or even Dumbo apartments for sale, this guide will surely be of much use for you! So check it out.


  1. Where is Brooklyn located?

dumbo brooklyn apartments

Brooklyn is located in King´s County and is the most populous of New York City´s five boroughs. It is adjacent to the borough of Queens at the southern end of Long Island.

Every borough of NYC is a different county and Brooklyn is known as King´s County for tax and other official purposes, so when we talk about King´s County and Brooklyn we are referring to the same thing.


  1. What is Dumbo and what does its name mean?

dumbo brooklyn apartment

Dumbo stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.  It´s a neighborhood located in the New York City borough of Brooklyn. We find two different sections in Dumbo, the first one is located in Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan across the East River.

The second one continues east from the Manhattan Bridge to the Vinegar Hill area, that is, Dumbo belongs to the Brooklyn Community Board 2 (NYC community board which encompasses different Brooklyn neighborhoods)


  1. Which is the average cost for a 1 bedroom apartment in Dumbo?

dumbo apartments for rental2
If you want to rent apartments in Dumbo Brooklyn then you´d like to know what the average price for a one bedroom apartment in this area is.

According to Zillow you can find rentals in Dumbo with one bed, one bath for about $3,500/mo. Apartments at this price are really worth it, as most of them are spacious and newly renovated.

In Nest Seekers, one bedroom apartments in Dumbo approach a $4,000 rental/mo. Prices vary according to size and amenities but they are in that price range.

In Street Easy the average price is more similar to Nest Seekers as we can find one bedroom apartments around $4,000 and even more! Listings show more luxury apartments and that makes the difference.


  1. Which is the average cost for a 1 bedroom apartment for sale?

dumbo apartments for rental

If you are willing to buy apartments in Dumbo Brooklyn you should take a look at this average prices according to different internet search tools:

At Street Easy we find a one-bedroom apartment for sale for the average price of one million dollars!

On the other hand, Zillow offers similar prices and sales range the price of $1,100,000.

At Trulia, you can find more affordable prices starting from $550,000!

So the clue is to search a lot of different internet sites and spent hours surfing the internet, although it may seem a bit tedious.  In the end, you´ll find the apartment of your dreams at the best price! And that is worth it!


  1. Which interesting places you can find in Dumbo, Brooklyn?

dumbo brooklyn apartment 002

There are several places you can visit in Dumbo and have the time of your life!

  1. Set up a picnic, enjoy the view and go for a walk at the Brooklyn Bridge Park! It´s an awesome place to enjoy nature, breathe fresh air and relax!

2. You can´t miss the Jacques Torres Chocolate! This chocolate emporium will delight you with its exquisite tastes! Grab a cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter´s day!

3. If you are a book lover, then you cannot miss visiting Powerhouse books! This huge bookstore will make you feel like you are in paradise! Choose the book you love most and prepare yourself for an intellectual day!

4. It´s always time for pizza!! Meet Juliana and try the best pizza ever! Juliana´s Pizza will make your lunch and dinners different with an exquisite taste you´ll never forget!

5. Take a look out over the East River while taking a whirl on a wooden horse at Jane´s Carrousel! Built in 1920´s for an amusement park in Ohio, this fantastic entertainment is not just for kids!


I hope you now know a bit more about Dumbo and the interesting things you can visit at this wonderful place! So come on, search for your next apartment and remember at Dumbo you will find everything you need to make your dream come true!