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Influenced by Celebrities Opinions?

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Can a celebrity convince you to rent Dumbo Brooklyn apartmentsThere seems to be a new marketing trend bouncing around in residential real estate. When an open house isn’t enough to get the property sold, you bank on creative marketing. For instance, collaborate with a celebrity to get noticed and exposure. Throw a themed open house party like The ‘70s with maybe a 70’s rock band to perform. Throw an art-and-sculpture-themed party, complete with local artists to show off their work at the open house. A prohibition-themed party is a fun idea for an open house featuring a live jazz band, costumed gangsters and burlesque dancers.

There’s a sleek 35-story, luxury rental tower at 300 Ashland Place in Brooklyn that seemed to loom over an area known for its row houses. For the Brooklyn property, management company Two Trees Management has partnered with fashion blogger/magazine editor Tavi Gevinson, 21, to promote 300 Ashland Place. Gevinson has more than 550,000 Instagram followers, and she lives at 300 Ashland Place, as well as promotes it. Short of paying more for rent like apartments in Brooklyn Heights, 300 Ashland Place is the place to live.

There are so many creative and innovative ways to promote properties for sale and seek out buyers today with or without a celebrity endorsement or appearance. But here’s an interesting question – What if celebrities marketed their own properties for sale in addition to their heavily commissioned broker’s assistance? Would they close the deal with a higher selling price?

For example, there’s Anne Hathaway and her ninth floor loft apartments in Dumbo Brooklyn that she sold at the iconic Clocktower building. Hathaway purchased the 2,592 square foot corner unit in January 2013 for $4.1 million. After more than a year on the market, her Dumbo Brooklyn apartments finally sold for $4,330,000. Maybe if Hathaway put together a video of herself touring her lofts and posted it repeatedly on Facebook, she would have gotten much more exposure than just her real estate broker alone.

Same type of example with Julia Roberts selling her home in Hawaii. Situated on 231 feet of beach frontage on the crest of Kauai’s Hanalei Bay, Roberts’ original asking price was about $30 million. Named the Faye Residence, the original purchase price was $13.375 million. After owning the two-plus-acre estate with two houses for 5 years, Roberts’ property sold for $16.2 million. The two plantation-style structures combine to offer seven bedrooms and four bathrooms with nearly 3,800 square feet of living space. Just think if Julia Roberts did her own advertising for her Hawaii house. Perhaps Roberts would have been able to get closer to her original asking price with a YouTube video of her gorgeous Hawaiian beachfront property…

So, are we influenced by celebrities’ opinions? Yes, in a world of constant social media, society does rely somewhat on what celebrities have to say. How is this proven to be true? We keep watching and listening to them. It’s something to think about anyways.

Apartments for Rent in Dumbo Brooklyn: A Guide for Potential Residents

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apartments in dumbo brooklyn

Apartments in Dumbo Brooklyn -guide:

apartments in dumbo brooklyn

Moving to a new home is always exciting but at the same time exhausting! It´s not easy to find the perfect place to live at affordable prices and with all of the amenities we would like to enjoy. If you are searching for Dumbo apartments for rental or even Dumbo apartments for sale, this guide will surely be of much use for you! So check it out.


  1. Where is Brooklyn located?

dumbo brooklyn apartments

Brooklyn is located in King´s County and is the most populous of New York City´s five boroughs. It is adjacent to the borough of Queens at the southern end of Long Island.

Every borough of NYC is a different county and Brooklyn is known as King´s County for tax and other official purposes, so when we talk about King´s County and Brooklyn we are referring to the same thing.


  1. What is Dumbo and what does its name mean?

dumbo brooklyn apartment

Dumbo stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.  It´s a neighborhood located in the New York City borough of Brooklyn. We find two different sections in Dumbo, the first one is located in Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan across the East River.

The second one continues east from the Manhattan Bridge to the Vinegar Hill area, that is, Dumbo belongs to the Brooklyn Community Board 2 (NYC community board which encompasses different Brooklyn neighborhoods)


  1. Which is the average cost for a 1 bedroom apartment in Dumbo?

dumbo apartments for rental2
If you want to rent apartments in Dumbo Brooklyn then you´d like to know what the average price for a one bedroom apartment in this area is.

According to Zillow you can find rentals in Dumbo with one bed, one bath for about $3,500/mo. Apartments at this price are really worth it, as most of them are spacious and newly renovated.

In Nest Seekers, one bedroom apartments in Dumbo approach a $4,000 rental/mo. Prices vary according to size and amenities but they are in that price range.

In Street Easy the average price is more similar to Nest Seekers as we can find one bedroom apartments around $4,000 and even more! Listings show more luxury apartments and that makes the difference.


  1. Which is the average cost for a 1 bedroom apartment for sale?

dumbo apartments for rental

If you are willing to buy apartments in Dumbo Brooklyn you should take a look at this average prices according to different internet search tools:

At Street Easy we find a one-bedroom apartment for sale for the average price of one million dollars!

On the other hand, Zillow offers similar prices and sales range the price of $1,100,000.

At Trulia, you can find more affordable prices starting from $550,000!

So the clue is to search a lot of different internet sites and spent hours surfing the internet, although it may seem a bit tedious.  In the end, you´ll find the apartment of your dreams at the best price! And that is worth it!


  1. Which interesting places you can find in Dumbo, Brooklyn?

dumbo brooklyn apartment 002

There are several places you can visit in Dumbo and have the time of your life!

  1. Set up a picnic, enjoy the view and go for a walk at the Brooklyn Bridge Park! It´s an awesome place to enjoy nature, breathe fresh air and relax!

2. You can´t miss the Jacques Torres Chocolate! This chocolate emporium will delight you with its exquisite tastes! Grab a cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter´s day!

3. If you are a book lover, then you cannot miss visiting Powerhouse books! This huge bookstore will make you feel like you are in paradise! Choose the book you love most and prepare yourself for an intellectual day!

4. It´s always time for pizza!! Meet Juliana and try the best pizza ever! Juliana´s Pizza will make your lunch and dinners different with an exquisite taste you´ll never forget!

5. Take a look out over the East River while taking a whirl on a wooden horse at Jane´s Carrousel! Built in 1920´s for an amusement park in Ohio, this fantastic entertainment is not just for kids!


I hope you now know a bit more about Dumbo and the interesting things you can visit at this wonderful place! So come on, search for your next apartment and remember at Dumbo you will find everything you need to make your dream come true!


5 Things That Change When You Move No Fee Apartment Rental in Brooklyn NYC

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No Fee Apartment Rental in Brooklyn NYC

Apartment rental in Brooklyn NY?

No Fee Apartment Rental in Brooklyn NYC

If you are moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn, you are likely going to see some changes in how life runs as you get acclimated to your new location.  The Brooklyn borough has its own vibe that is quite different from that of expensive Manhattan

As it is a continual rivalry between the two boroughs as to which is better, you will have to decide for yourself once you fully have experienced both cultures.

  1. Slower Pace

Compared to Manhattan, Brooklyn has a slower pace of life.  This may be because rent is cheaper than living in Manhattan so people aren’t quite on edge to make giant gobs of money just to avoid being evicted.

  1. Increase Train Time

When living outside of Manhattan, it is expected that you will spend more time on the train just trying to get around. It is true. You will spend more time on the train, but this also gives you an opportunity to get some reading in or make a to-do list.  Think of it as a chance to get other things done instead of wasted travel time.  The apartment rental Brooklyn NY are worth the added time on the train solely to have a more affordable rental rate.

  1. Abundant Eating Options

Commercial rent is also cheaper in Brooklyn, making it more affordable for small business.  Restaurants are in abundance throughout the borough that offers a wide selection of foods.  These are often locally owned businesses where the owner is easily accessible to ask questions.  In Brooklyn, you will find many niche places that specialize in a specific food.  It is hard to run out of affordable places to eat when you live in such a neighborhood.

 4. Scenic Views

Rooftop decks are all over luxury apartments in Brooklyn NY. Wonderful views that overlook the river and the Manhattan skyline. There are many more opportunities to experience these incredible views than other boroughs in the city.

  1. Getting Into the Arts

Brooklyn is packed full of creative minds.  Artists of every kind find themselves here and make their statements.  For those who don’t consider themselves to be artists, they are likely to start to appreciating the creative minds more.  The borough is painted with unique touches, live shows, art exhibits and inventive new technology.

6 Top Trends You Will Find in Dumbo Apartment Rentals

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Dumbo apartments for rental

New York City is the place to be if you want to have easy access to the biggest city in the US, great views and modern apartment rentals. In the borough of Brooklyn, the neighborhood of Dumbo is just right off the Brooklyn Bridge. This has been the hotspot for many new apartment developments. Transforming old buildings into livable works of art.  Dumbo apartments for rent are brilliantly convenient and fabulously perfect for creating a trendy space that suits your style.


Industrial Minimalism

The whole design behind industrial minimalism is keeping things sleek and modern. Using metal, glass and clean lines throughout the space are huge components to this concept. Keeping things as simple as possible and very practical are what minimalism is all about. This has become unbelievably popular in the past recent years and continues to grow an interest among Dumbo apartment renters.


Mixing Old & New

The combination of modern conveniences alongside antique accents has become increasingly popular. Creating a one-of-a-kind look using antique and thrift store finds has created a culture of creativity in the apartment rental community. Recycling or up-cycling good from decades past has been one of the biggest trends in Dumbo.


Combing Textures

The combination of textures in a space adds depth and interest. Using a mixture of leather, furs, woods, tiles and patterns creates a wide variety of experiences in a room. Textures draw you into the space and look inviting, making this a trend that may stay for awhile.


Splashes of Color

Among the simplicity of the minimalistic design, there’s also the added aesthetic value of splashes of brighter colors. The contrast in the apartment décor catches the eye and makes the residence unique.


Natural Looks

The use of wood or products that resemble wood has made its appearance in just about all Dumbo apartment rentals.   Rich warm colors, bright clean or even aged wood flooring often times sweeps through each apartment unit creating a natural flow.   These natural colors are timeless and compliment the other decorating trends well.


Edited Clutter

This idea of edited clutter is a combination of making your space look like your own personal touch, without having it looking like a sterile environment. This is like having a mixture of frames and knit-knacks on your fireplace mantel that are all unique and different, but not having too many that it looks messy and unorganized. Edited clutter is about going against cookie-cutter décor and finding your own style.

Luxury Apartments for Rent in Brooklyn NYC

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luxury apartments in brooklyn ny

The historic borough of New York City’s Brooklyn is home to a wide variety of aged architecture and classic charm. These historic buildings, that are no longer being used for their original purposes, are being transformed and restored into luxury residential apartment. One of these building is the 110 Livingston. Right in the heart of Brooklyn Heights, you will find this Beaux Art-style landmark that has been transformed into one of the communities most celebrated buildings.

110 Livingston | Amenities

Among the top of the list of amenities is the pet-friendly environment. Bringing your pets to live with you and be welcomed by the community is one of the great draws for many residents. On site parking is a scarce commodity in NYC, but here it’s available. The building wants to allow for the greatest number of conveniences to accommodate the busy New Yorker’s lifestyle. An on-site gym and a 24-hour concierge also reign high on the list of building perks. To top it off, there is a roof deck with views showcasing the rest of Brooklyn.

110 Livingston | Apartment Features

These Brooklyn luxury apartment rentals feature kitchens with the latest appliances from Sub-Zero and Bosch making it a professional’s kitchen. Bamboo flooring is laid throughout the apartments to keep it looking clean, sleek and modern. The Bathrooms are appointed with marble finishes, giving off the true look of luxury. The spacious layouts with the modern conveniences combined with the historic features and characteristics of the building make for a one-of-a-kind ambience throughout the building.

 Brooklyn Heights Neighborhood

Living in an apartment in Brooklyn Heights gives easy access to the public transit, allowing for an easy commute into downtown Manhattan. The street cafes and the neighborhood restaurants near 110 Livingston make the neighborhood come alive in the evenings and the weekends. As people are out and about trying the wide variety of eats on each block. The tree-lined neighborhood streets are a charming element that seems to have a calming effect on the city.

Luxury rental apartments in Brooklyn with an historic charm are right in Brooklyn Heights. The 110 Livingston building offers classic and bold architecture that you can’t get in newly-built NYC buildings today.

How To Rent Your Apartment In Brooklyn Heights

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luxury apartment rentals brooklyn

Many people lure over the idea to rent out their homes in down market while outing in vacations. This may be for seeking some extra benefit, income or to save some money to pay bills, add more luxuries or even a substitute way turn things into better economy. These motives can be plentiful but it might become more painful or trouble causing when it’s without appropriate considerations or procedures aren’t made. Becoming a landlord is not that easy or tension free thing, there are several considerations to make other than assuring that having a good tenant. Becoming a landlord is more trouble causing than it sounds good to get some extra money. Here there are few steps that will help you get into right direction-

  1. Understand the responsibility

First and above all is the decision to understand whether you are able to handle the obligation of being landlord or not. There are numerous benefits of renting your apartment such as ability to generate income rather than vandalizing your empty house, gives you ease of tax break which can possibly create profit.

But other than this being a landlord is a responsibility which the landlord needs to fit in his life as sometimes it may happen that things may fail to run smoothly. In fact, it is safe to assume so. You will need to keep eye on the maintenance skills of tenant, patience for expecting a less appealing house, stay on repairing and maintenance and above all collecting rent on time.

  1. Prepare your home

Renting your home is not easy or a one-step procedure. In down market you won’t be able to rent your apartment as it is. Tenants are choosy and attentive, if they are seeking for rented home it implies that they are ready to pay and get facilitated. Thereby they’ll seek for a better option and in city like Brooklyn there are various options available according to pay scale.

Prepare you house by thoroughly cleaning, aesthetically decorated.(For more information on art and culture you can read more here.) Make sure the appliances like washer and dryer, air condition are in good condition and working well

  1. Advertise properly

In research it has been found that use of adjective words like “granite”, “state-of-the-art”, “stainless steel appliances”, “vaulted ceilings”, “maple”, “gourmet”, “Korean” and “wood floors” help in getting renter. And make sure to use the mention words in your advertisement in house as well. Post the advertisement on authentic and reputed websites, frequently visited places,church, grocery shops,etc. to get more calls.

  1. Set a competitive price

Set the cost of your property by learning what other renting properties and websites are going for in your neighborhood. Potential tenants go for scouting around deals, so set your rent at competitive price and make sure to highlight the valuable aspects of your home.

  1. Screen tenants carefully

Choose the tenant very carefully. You don’t need to seek only the person who pay rent on time, but also one who keeps your home in good condition. If you are cohabitation with that person learn his habits so you won’t get nasty surprises. Check their histories and even after all these take safety precautions to avoid any mishaps.

7 Tools To Find The Best Two Bedroom Apartments In Brooklyn Heights

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apartments in brooklyn heights

Two bedroom apartments are ideal for couples and small families. The two bedroom apartment gives enough space efficiently yet offering more comfort than a smaller one bedroom or studio apartment. It provides you a bit of privacy providing ample closet space. Finding good and cheap apartment can be a hassle. If you are a renter and willing to find a best 2-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn heights, here are 7 tools to help you.

  1. Seek out for consultants

If you want to find out best and affordable 2-bedroom apartment contacts are the key to it. But only friends and family will not help to get the related stuff. Various professionals have started to work out to help in finding according to their desire. Seeking out their suggestion will help you to get better and more options availability and more references.

  1. Determine budget-

Often it happens when the renters visit various houses and locations they get tempt to what their broker convince them for. Or often it happens the landlords tempt the renters and you might go out of budget. Hence before contacting broker or talking to any landlord makes sure you strictly intimate them your budget and utilities.

  1. Electricity

Renting for budget renters is very thoughtful and even they need to look after every aspect to maintain proper equilibrium between the budget and meeting all the facilities. Whether the bill is included in rent or you need to pay it separately. If you want to save more on your costing you can pay it separately so as to save more.

  1. Amenities

Amenities are the most important feature when it comes to find a rented house or you want to purchase it. Within the pay scale the apartment should also meet the comfort, convenience or enjoyment. The public as well as basic amenities should be there so that it serves your needs. Amenities revive your legacy (to know more about it go to the link

  1. Register yourself-

Register yourself to authentic and reputed website or home portals to get better and varied options. If you want get free from broker fees, you can go for it. Registering yourself also ensures you are getting all the amenities in actual comparing with more options at the same time.

  1. Constant Rent increase

The landlords many times turns out greedy or even it happens they give excuses as it is scarce for what they are providing. Being a renter never go on ease with your landlord and suffer whatever he demands constantly. Scan and judge with the deeds of the landlord to add convenience in your later renting period so that you won’t suffer paying more and more rent every month unnecessarily.

  1. Condition and maintenance

Before moving into any apartment, you should always check and thoroughly go through the condition of the apartment. Check all the appliances whether they are functioning properly or not or whether they need maintenance. Make sure to check maintenance cost is included in rent or not.

Top 3 Best Apartments To Rent In Brooklyn Heights

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apartments to rent in brooklyn heights

Brooklyn is a wonderful city to live as well as Brooklyn Heights is the oldest and luxurious place where life never slows down. If you are planning to get an apartment on rent there then this article can help you a lot.

If you are planning to move to Brooklyn then let me aware you with one fact that you are approximately one of 117,100 as per the latest survey by government. This persistently increasing population has led new comers to face a serious problem that is to find a suitable apartment to live in this most populated city in New York. You are really luckyif you have found a one or two bedroom units in main city because the city had witnessed skyrocket in prices of rental apartments. But, there is one good news for you; most of population in Brooklyn is of movers who are not permanent residents. So all you need is little time and patience to get your dream rental apartment in the city.

Brooklyn heights is the one of the oldest settled areas in Brooklyn. It is used to call the area of millionaires, because the millionaires like the Rockefeller families live there. This will give you a clue about that this is really not a cheap area if you are planning to rent a spacious apartment. Brooklyn Heights is the area where life in never dull. So if you are planning to live here, then there is a quick view about top 3 best apartments that you can rent in Brooklyn Heights.

  • One bedroom units

You can easily find one unit apartments in Brooklyn heights with full facilities like swimming pool, gym, dishwasher and many more. But all that is going to affect your pocket. A starting range of one room units in Brooklyn Heights is $ 514 per month and if you want more spacious with more facilities than you can extend up to $ 4500. One bedroom units are most in demand among bachelors.

  • Two bedroom units

Two bedroom units are surely going to give you a comfort if you are a social animal and there is a regular inflow of guests on weekends. Having a separate bedroom will provide you some privacy. But this is going to be Lil’ costlier than one bedroom apartments. If you are thinking to own a two bedroom unit on rent then spare 2,500-6,500 rent from your monthly income.

Studio is a small self contained apartment which combines living room, bedroom and kitchen in one room. These are quite cheap and perfectly designed for students. You can easily find a studio in Brooklyn Heights in the price range of1450- 6500. One can easily find a lot of facilities like wifi, dishwasher and many more with this. If you are good at bargaining, then you can even find an even cheaper studio there. Get more details here about the best apartments to rent in Brooklyn heights.

Why Dumbo Is Well Known For Rental Apartments?

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dumbo apartments for rental

Dumbo in Brooklyn is all set to experience a very busy summer with the real estate demand going really high. Loads of new apartments and condos are coming up in Dumbo to welcome the new influx of house hunters. Water Street and Washington Street are seeing the most activity in terms of apartments, rental towers and work tower construction.

Dumbo was oncefamous for its sprawling spaces and huge expensive apartments. But now the trend has changed drastically. More and more smaller apartments are coming up in Dumbo, to make affordable living a reality. The changing trend of divide the existing spaces to create more bedrooms signal a shift in the rental mix. The occupants are more of single families, small families and entry level executives. After all Dumbo is one of the city’s most coveted neighbourhoods. If you are lucky enough, you could have a direct view of Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge from your apartment. Now that is some great sight to come back home to.

Dumbo with its excellent facilities and great connectivity is today experiencing some of the highest rents for one bedroom and two bedroom apartments.

Dumbo’s journey

When we look back, Dumbo has performed exceptionally well by transforming itself from an underused waterfront area to a full-fledged industrial, residential, commercial and tech hub.

Dumbo was once sheer wasteland used for abandoned car dumping and oil barrels.

Today, the median rent for a one bedroom apartment in Dumbo would be $3600. People would do anything to get an apartment for rent at Dumbo. Real estate developer, Walentas was majorly responsible for giving new life to Dumbo. Dumbo has all modern facilities, infrastructural requirements, connectivity to Manhattan, educational facilities, entertainment and dining options and strikingly beautiful museums and art galleries. The presence of art and culture in a neighbourhood, determines the quality of residents it would attract. The factors which made Dumbo a favourite for the house hunters were:

  • The consecutive two tech booms
  • The sky high prices and rental rates in Manhattan
  • Very family friendly neighbourhoods
  • The slow developmental phase of East River

Dumbo established itself as a part of the Brooklyn Tech Triangle along with Downtown Brooklyn and the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The employment opportunities and their growth would attract more residents there. Also a lot of changes in demographics are expected in terms of:

  • Really affordable housing for those with very low incomes
  • More schools, so that the growing teens do not have to move out in search of quality education
  • Investment of bigger and more mature companies in Dumbo contrary to the present crowd of start-ups.

So do not hesitate, find out more at

Time To Know About Brooklyn Heights Rentals

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brooklyn heights rentals

There have been a age old debate amongst the masses of weather buying an apartment is more profitable or renting it is a better option. In a big metropolitan like New York, buying a apartment could be an expensive deal. There are also many different options available to select from depending upon the preferred area, rent and amenities. Suck kind of options are not available for those who are planning to buy the house. Here are some of the different kinds of apartments that can be selected by for leasing.


This kind of places have a loft highlighting a space sufficiently huge to be walled off and utilized as a feasting zone or room. Case in point, a convertible two-room (otherwise known as “flex 2”) is a place that as of now has an big room and additionally area that could be walled off to make a second room.


Studio is a one room apartment that is attached with bathroom and a kitchen. It may have a separate area for dressing or eating.

Convertible studio:

Convertabel Studio is an extended for of studio. This could be a studio sufficiently big to have the capacity to utilize the extra available space for some other purpose.

Alcove studio:

Aalcove is characterized as a region close to one hundred square feet situated above the living space. It’s occasionally alluded to as a half room. Contingent upon its size and area, it could be walled off to make a resting niche or an dinning room. An alcove studio is an one-room studio with a niche (frequently L-molded) that can be utilized as a resting zone.


One vast room, normally situated in a building that was changed over from commercial to private, with very high roofs and windows. A space can give anything from a studio to three rooms, despite the fact that this is normally determined at the beginning.

Junior 1-room:

A stage up from a studio, the junior 1 room apartment may be a vast studio or a space of sorts with has an additional room, some of the time it may including a different bedroom and/or an eat-in kitchen.

Junior 4:

An one-room condo with a different lounge area. It’s known as a junior 4 in light of the fact that it highlights four rooms: a bedroom, a kitchen, a lounge, and an kitchen.

Three Rooms Apartment

The best sample of this is a railroad condo (a few rooms joined by entryways however there is no hallways in this kind of apartments), where the flat usually has three rooms, yet the designing of the house only permits the resident to use one or two bedrooms.


Otherwise called a genuine two-room, this has two real rooms, a typical living space, and a kitchen which may be isolated.

These are just the few of the many varieties that is at the disposal of the New Yorkers, To understand you can read more here about the Brooklyn Heights Rentals.