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Influenced by Celebrities Opinions?

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Can a celebrity convince you to rent Dumbo Brooklyn apartmentsThere seems to be a new marketing trend bouncing around in residential real estate. When an open house isn’t enough to get the property sold, you bank on creative marketing. For instance, collaborate with a celebrity to get noticed and exposure. Throw a themed open house party like The ‘70s with maybe a 70’s rock band to perform. Throw an art-and-sculpture-themed party, complete with local artists to show off their work at the open house. A prohibition-themed party is a fun idea for an open house featuring a live jazz band, costumed gangsters and burlesque dancers.

There’s a sleek 35-story, luxury rental tower at 300 Ashland Place in Brooklyn that seemed to loom over an area known for its row houses. For the Brooklyn property, management company Two Trees Management has partnered with fashion blogger/magazine editor Tavi Gevinson, 21, to promote 300 Ashland Place. Gevinson has more than 550,000 Instagram followers, and she lives at 300 Ashland Place, as well as promotes it. Short of paying more for rent like apartments in Brooklyn Heights, 300 Ashland Place is the place to live.

There are so many creative and innovative ways to promote properties for sale and seek out buyers today with or without a celebrity endorsement or appearance. But here’s an interesting question – What if celebrities marketed their own properties for sale in addition to their heavily commissioned broker’s assistance? Would they close the deal with a higher selling price?

For example, there’s Anne Hathaway and her ninth floor loft apartments in Dumbo Brooklyn that she sold at the iconic Clocktower building. Hathaway purchased the 2,592 square foot corner unit in January 2013 for $4.1 million. After more than a year on the market, her Dumbo Brooklyn apartments finally sold for $4,330,000. Maybe if Hathaway put together a video of herself touring her lofts and posted it repeatedly on Facebook, she would have gotten much more exposure than just her real estate broker alone.

Same type of example with Julia Roberts selling her home in Hawaii. Situated on 231 feet of beach frontage on the crest of Kauai’s Hanalei Bay, Roberts’ original asking price was about $30 million. Named the Faye Residence, the original purchase price was $13.375 million. After owning the two-plus-acre estate with two houses for 5 years, Roberts’ property sold for $16.2 million. The two plantation-style structures combine to offer seven bedrooms and four bathrooms with nearly 3,800 square feet of living space. Just think if Julia Roberts did her own advertising for her Hawaii house. Perhaps Roberts would have been able to get closer to her original asking price with a YouTube video of her gorgeous Hawaiian beachfront property…

So, are we influenced by celebrities’ opinions? Yes, in a world of constant social media, society does rely somewhat on what celebrities have to say. How is this proven to be true? We keep watching and listening to them. It’s something to think about anyways.

Luxury Apartments for Rent in Brooklyn NYC

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luxury apartments in brooklyn ny

The historic borough of New York City’s Brooklyn is home to a wide variety of aged architecture and classic charm. These historic buildings, that are no longer being used for their original purposes, are being transformed and restored into luxury residential apartment. One of these building is the 110 Livingston. Right in the heart of Brooklyn Heights, you will find this Beaux Art-style landmark that has been transformed into one of the communities most celebrated buildings.

110 Livingston | Amenities

Among the top of the list of amenities is the pet-friendly environment. Bringing your pets to live with you and be welcomed by the community is one of the great draws for many residents. On site parking is a scarce commodity in NYC, but here it’s available. The building wants to allow for the greatest number of conveniences to accommodate the busy New Yorker’s lifestyle. An on-site gym and a 24-hour concierge also reign high on the list of building perks. To top it off, there is a roof deck with views showcasing the rest of Brooklyn.

110 Livingston | Apartment Features

These Brooklyn luxury apartment rentals feature kitchens with the latest appliances from Sub-Zero and Bosch making it a professional’s kitchen. Bamboo flooring is laid throughout the apartments to keep it looking clean, sleek and modern. The Bathrooms are appointed with marble finishes, giving off the true look of luxury. The spacious layouts with the modern conveniences combined with the historic features and characteristics of the building make for a one-of-a-kind ambience throughout the building.

 Brooklyn Heights Neighborhood

Living in an apartment in Brooklyn Heights gives easy access to the public transit, allowing for an easy commute into downtown Manhattan. The street cafes and the neighborhood restaurants near 110 Livingston make the neighborhood come alive in the evenings and the weekends. As people are out and about trying the wide variety of eats on each block. The tree-lined neighborhood streets are a charming element that seems to have a calming effect on the city.

Luxury rental apartments in Brooklyn with an historic charm are right in Brooklyn Heights. The 110 Livingston building offers classic and bold architecture that you can’t get in newly-built NYC buildings today.

Amazing Dumbo Apartments For Sale

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dumbo apartments for sale

A long lasting objective that numerous natives have is to posses their house. While numerous individuals possess their own homes but the tradition of renting an apartment is emerging as a preferred choice for most of the individuals. Because of busy life-style and constant relocation of the new age crowd renting an apartment is a much better choice than buying one. While both leasing and purchasing have their own particular financial advantage, but leasing does seem to have an edge when an individual’s economic situation is not very good. There are enormous money related advantages to leasing instead of purchasing your very own place. Here is a glance at some of the reasons why leaseholders have the better monetary arrangement over property holders.

No Maintenance Costs or Repair Bills

The biggest advantageous point that the lease holders have over the home buyers is that they do not have to pay for any kind of maintainence cost as well as repair bills. When one leases a property, their proprietor is in charge of all up-keep and repair costs. On the off chance that water tank does not functions properly or roof-top start getting cracks or even any kind of lekage of water emerges then a lease holder does nothave any monetary obligation to have these things fixed. A mortgage owner does not enjoy luxury of such kind of options they have to take care of all the repairs as even most of the smallest of repairs if not taken care of in time can risk inpermanent damage to the apartment.Contingent upon what the repair is, these expenses can be truely very demanding and can provide a very big dent on savings.

Access to Amenities

Another money related advantage to leasing over purchasing is that one can avail the benefits of using the amenities that most require a lot of money for using them otherwise. Extravagances, for example, an in-ground pool or a health club come standard at numerous midscale to upscale condo societies with no extra charge to inhabitants. Costing of these amenities is usually added up to the cost of the apartment or condo when it is sold by the builder. Another advantage that rentals have over the owners is that they can choose form many different varieties of homes. You can read more here describes about amazing dumbo apartments.

No Real Estate Taxes

A conspicuous advantage that tenants have over property holders is that they don’t need to pay propertytaxes. Property taxes are something that all the property owners have to pay,these taxes are usually on the higher sides and can be very tough on the owner. In spite of the fact that property charge estimations can be complex, they are for the most part decided taking into account the evaluated property estimation of your home. With houses getting bigger and bigger, property expenses can be a huge. However, above mentioned descriptoion is useful to provide reliable information regarding  the Dumbo Apartments.

Dumbo Brooklyn Apartments: Beyond Your Dreams

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dumbo brooklyn apartments

Have you ever thought that low rise buildings or apartments could also be some of the dream luxury apartments one could wish for? Well, these dreams come true in Brooklyn. Dumbo Brooklyn today offers some of the best luxury apartments, one loo of which is enough to take your breath away. You can choose anything from studios to two bedroom apartments, but be ready to shell out a fortune every month to live in the lap of luxury.

Imagine walking into a spacious apartment with luxurious oak wood flooring, soft lighting and a balcony opening to the Brooklyn skyline. This is a description of one of the premium projects coming up in Dumbo, Brooklyn. The interiors are plush with super comfy seating arrangements, modern aesthetics and world class wall and ceiling installations. Every apartment would have floor to ceiling windows making you feel like a celebrity in your own apartment. You could choose the kind of furniture you want, teak, rosewood or metallicand steely. Apart from the cosmetic looks, the other facilities that these apartments can provide are:

  • 24-hour attended lobby
  • Fitness center
  • Lounge area
  • Outdoor or indoor swimming pools with automated heating systems
  • Modern storage facilities
  • Common Wi-Fi connectivity at all spaces
  • High end-appliances with energy efficient and climate control features

If you are willing to pay more for your dream apartment, then you could come home to luxurious Italian marble flooring and crystal celling installations. The rooms are flooded with LED lighting. You could have your own roof deck and a mini café area within the apartment. The interiors of these luxury apartments are designed in a way to reflect the exterior design. The detailing is done to the extentthat your kitchen and bathroom floor tiles would be in sync or match with the motifs of the glass that is used outside. The bath spaces provided in these luxury apartments are nothing short of spas where you can easily unwind or relax after a hard day at work.

The lounge areas are very well designed to please your aesthetics. Some even have rendered lounge facilities with coffee bars. So you can literally forget whether you walked into a seven start hotel or your own apartment!

Relax in the swimming pool of your apartment or notch up your fitness with state of the art gym facilities, you can have it all at these dream apartments. Catch up with a friend in the luxurious lounge or brew a cup of coffee while enjoying a lovely sunset; go for a jog around the apartment or simply sip on the taste of life while you stay at one of these apartments.

Visit to learn more about luxury apartments in Dumbo.

Learn More About The Apartments In Dumbo Brooklyn

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apartments in dumbo brooklyn

Dumbo is growing and like never before. The rental rates are going up and so is the apartment prices. This place in Brooklyn is proving to be the next best place to look out for after Manhattan. With changing times, the demographics of the Dumbo area in Brooklyn has also undergone drastic changes and more is yet to come. You would be surprised to know that what started off as wasteland and a dying waterfront area with really low rents and almost no proper residential accommodation is now becoming one of the hottest destination for residential and commercial investments.

The changing choice of apartments has seen a wave like movement. Once there was this huge demand for sprawling spaces and lofts to be occupied by top notch bankers and the premium class. Now the demand is more for affordable living. If you show a huge spacious apartment with great views to a couple, the probable answer would be, that they like the place and the neighborhood but they do not need so much space. On understanding this trend, most of the real estate developers are cutting up these apartments to create smaller spaces which would not only boost the supply side but would also be affordable for the apartment hunters. All the new rental towers and condos and apartments that are coming up in Dumbo Brooklyn have kept in mind the concept of affordable real estate. While the luxury segment still thrives, but the budget section also generates high demand.

So what could one expect from a mid-range apartment for rent in Dumbo?

  • 1 or 2 bedrooms ranging from 550 square footage to 1000 square footage
  • Double height bath spaces
  • Great view of Manhattan or Brooklyn skyline
  • A basement gym
  • Common roof decks
  • Playroom facilities
  • Un-attended but well-designed lobby
  • Oak wood flooring
  • Cesar stone countertops and modern kitchen facilities
  • Custom cabinets

Rents for a one bedroom apartment could be around $3000-3500 depending on the location and facilities. Rents for a two bedroom apartment could be around $5500-5800. Find out more at Dumbo offers easy and good connectivity to Manhattan. So if you are working in Manhattan, you could easily rent an apartment in Dumbo. That way, you get to work in the best places and also save yourself from paying the sky high rental rates of Manhattan.

Dumbo would surprise you with the number of tech companies and start-ups it houses giving better employment opportunities to its residents. However, it is no longer middle class in Dumbo. Commercially and economically. With industrialization and infrastructure becoming more robust, the prices of apartments in Dumbo are also rising.

Changing The Look Of Your Apartment Without Spending Any Money

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apartments in dumbobrooklyn

It is not always when you want to have your apartment look different in term of décor or furnishing that money has to be spent. Sometimes it is only a matter of spotting something that might appear irrelevant to making it useful. Changing the look of you’re apartment just requires a little creativity to get it all done. Look around you and make the resources you already have useful. Other might call you a cheap skate but that is how the economy is, so let no finger pointed at you hinder your progress.

Do some rearrangements

It is simple as taking your sofas in the living room and putting them in a different position. The real twist is brought by the longest couch you have, it s the only one that people will take note of. If you have your sits scattered in the living room you can converge them together around the coffee table and living space all round. This way, your apartment will also precisely look neat. Try putting your TV against the wall as opposed to putting it on the TV stand. This would only apply if you have if you have a flat screen TV which is suitable to stay close to the wall. As much this will sound absurd, putting your big painting on front wall up side down more so if it is a land scape. This will keep any one wondering and trying to figure out what the portrait is about.

Ask for your friends’ hand

You will come to know the importance of your friends when you want some little help with you wall painting. For example, apartments in Dumbo Brooklyn are very spacious and painting the house on your own might take you a while to finish. This is the time to go through your phone book and start making some phone calls to your friends to come help you during the weekend. If three or so friends grabbed a roller for each for then you will see that only money you spend was for paint.

Partition the big rug

There you are in need of a nice rug to put on your bedroom floor and you can’t wrap your head around buying a new one. The sitting area does not have to be covered with a big rug from corner to corner. The rug can be set only around the sting are space only where you sit when watching g TV. The size of the rug you want to cut will depend on the space you want to cover. If the rug is too small then it is not a must you partition it. Check out inside digs to get more clarification on how to change the appearance of your home with no extra money spent.

Easy Deals For Aggressive House Hunters

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dumbobrooklyn apartments

Houses are in high demand more so in Brooklyn in insinuating that you are supposed to be aggressive while looking for a house. It seems that it is one way of landing a good a descent apartment such as Dumbo Brooklyn apartments. You just have to have necessities like money or an agent to hunt you an apartment.

Spare some time

Being aggressive on the look for a house means that you must have time to go through various listing in different places you are considering. Moving into a new city will definitely need your full attention because you are not familiar with the living conditions in the place. Chances are you will spend more money if you make a hasty hunt. Time is money and if you are the aggressive house hunter, then you will land yourself a house in no time and you will go back

Stick to your budget plan

You will mess yourself up the moment you start being jumpy when it comes to different prices of the apartment. This simply saying you must have a range of prices which you are comfortable with. When you are not certain with the prices you want your apartment to range from, you will spent more time going to listings that will not even afford in staying in.  Staying within your budget plan makes your house hunting precise. When agents are involved it is easier to get a house because they are quite conversant with all the prices ranges and locations.

Sort out the type of houses you want

By the time you start looking for a house, you already know what type of house you want and how big it is supposed to be. May be you want a 1, 2 or 3 bedroomed house. On the other hand you might want to live in a condo or gated house community. Once you sort them out you will go through the listing as per your choices. There no need looking for a house randomly which will take most of your time and by the time you came to a realization, a house you might have landed will be gone.

Select an agency

Of course you want to deal with an agency that has credibility and many people are familiar with. If it is not you first time to rent a house then you will not have a hard locating an agency you are comfortable with. Since you already have an idea of what house you are looking the agency will also give you advice on which houses to target and their advantages. It is essential that you deal with an agency that has stayed on the real estate market for quite sometimes as they tend to be more legit. Owl and company will give you more insights.

Plans To Make Before Shifting From Your Current Apartment

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dumbo apartments for sale

Shifting from your current residence is not something you will wake up one morning and start doing. There are several procedures that have to underway to make a smooth transition. Furthermore, if you start shifting without any plan you will just end up being frustrated for nothing. So, it is important to sit down and make plans on how you are supposed to do it.

Give notice

It is a mater of courtesy to give notice to your landlord that you want to end your leasing.  Giving a notice is important more so when you want to leave before the agreed period of leasing. There was a contract that was involved and so you have to inform the landlord on time, recommendable one month prior. The reason of giving a notice is for the landlord to have time to look for another tenant to take your place. You have to keep constantly communicating with the landlord if you give an early notice so that be assured that you still stand to shift. Dumbo apartments for sale are also the type of houses where you have to give a notice before leaving.

Ask for your deposit

Every time you move into a new house you are required to pay deposit which is usually refundable at the termination of your leasing contract. If you know that you have no rent arrears then the landlord should be handing you the deposit over. Don’t just brush the idea off because at one point the house or the carpet was cleaned for you under the care of the landlord. Know that it is the landlord’s duty to do so and your money got nothing to do with it.

Move out

Gather everything that you know you will still need to use in the new apartment you are going to. Pack the items as you label them so that you will know what thing belongs where and will help you know that everything is in place. Keep in mind that anything you found in that house belong to the landlord and should not at any point take anything away with you. All the items you found there now belong to the new tenant who is to rent the apartment.

Leave the house clean

Cleaning up the place means that you clear everything from the house and leave it clean. If you feel that you are too tired, you can hire someone to do it for you. Any stain on the wall or on the floor should be clean properly. You don’t want to be in a situation arguing with your landlord over small issues lie this. Apartment ratings  will show you the importance of leaving the apartment cleaned up.

Become The Ideal Tenant

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apartment rental brooklyn ny

If you keep getting notice after notice form your landlord, you need to question yourself if you are an ideal tenant. Landlords want to deal with cooperative tenants who pay their bill on tie, don’t get in trouble, traceable and clean. Don’t play the cat and mouse with your landlord because you might just lose your apartment.

Are you able to pay?

No landlord will be pleased to have a tenant that will not be able to pay rent on time each time each month arrives. Prove to your landlord that you are a good tenant by first giving the security deposit for the first and the last month of stay. You also would not want to experience a bad landlord where you in a threat to be evicted. Follow the right channels especially when asking payments and keep all your receipts in a safe place so that when disagreements arises, you will produce evidence. How about apartments in Brooklyn heights? do you find them payable?

Give the landlord previous residential history

A happy landlord is that one that able to prove that you are a good tenant not only in paying rent by also being peaceful with the neighbors. The residential history you provide is what the landlord will use to trace back how you related with others. It is also a measure of ensuring security within the residence. Will you be happy to hear that your landlord has no idea of who his/her tenants are? What if the residence is harbouring a serial killer? Just saying, be able to show that you are not a threat to yourself and o others.

Clear all your credit history

Legally as a tenant, you are going to possess an apartment for a certain period of time and it is of importance that your landlord knows that you have a clean credit truck record. If you are in other huge debts, the landlord has to know because he/she want to avoid cases where auctioneers are coming to his property unannounced to get rid of your belonging. On top of it all, it is also healthy or you to do so to be on the safe side with the law. No one is ever happy with law breakers. Money U.S news has made a similar suggestion that tenants produce their credit history.

Maintain cleanliness

The site of a littered place just indicates that people living in the surrounding are irresponsible. Renting a house comes with certain responsibilities and cleanliness is one of them. When you keep the environment clean starting from the inside of the house will ensure durability of the items you found in that apartment. There is someone else who will use it after you leave. Most houses are equipped with a refrigerator and microwaves which have to be clean all the time to remain stainless.

Dumbo apartments for sale

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Do you know the meaning of DUMBO? It’s curius that the neighborhood Dumbo located in the New York City borough of Brooklyn is called that way because it is an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.


luxury apartments in brooklyn ny

What’s interesting in Dumbo? The Dumbo apartments for sale. You will be asking why?, well.. because of Dumbo is an quiet neighborhood full of culture. There’s a lot of transport to go to Dumbo and to go from Dumbo.
Besides it’s close to everything!, everybody just loves Dumbo. And what about the apartments for sale in Dumbo? well… you are going to know the luxury. One or two bedroom apartments with luxury amenities and a lot of comfort.
So don’t think anymore, come to see it by yourself.