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3 Luxury Buildings at Bergen County You Must See

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bergen-county luxury- apartments

bergen-county luxury- apartments

Bergen County is popular for its luxury living standards, with people from all around the U.S. coming to find their dream home. This area has many vibrant reasons why it’s one of the most demanded residential options in New Jersey. With rich history, the best schools, beautiful rivers, valleys and mountains, there is every reason why this is the perfect place to find your home.

There are many luxury buildings for sale in the county with a median price listing of $539,000. If you have been looking for the perfect, luxury residential option, you must not miss out on these three best buildings in Bergen County.

  1. The Pierre Apartments

The Pierre Apartments in Hackensack is a fantastic place to choose as your home. The most prominent feature of this luxury space is its security. The location also makes it worthwhile, as it’s just five minutes away from the subway station.

In addition to the location and beautiful architecture, pick this property for the long list of amenities it has to offer, including fitness center, outdoor pool, security guard, on-site dry cleaning service and a business center.

  1. The Modern Residences

You cannot miss out on The Modern Residences, if looking for Bergen County luxury apartments. Everything about this place speaks of quality and lavishness. They are beautifully designed apartments with open floor plans and tons of amenities and structural benefits that are impossible to ignore.

From high-end appliances, to spacious bedrooms, large kitchens, and solar sun shades, the Modern Residences is everything you dream about for luxury living.

Check it here

  1. Vermella Lyndhurst

It’s been labeled as one of the best residential apartments in Bergen County that will instantly grab your attention. The space, architecture, location and hardwood floors make this a perfect place to call home.

Each apartment home boasts high-quality stainless steel appliances, plush carpet, dryer-in units, and tons of other amenities that you don’t want to miss out on.

Visit these properties yourself and find out why they are the best and most luxurious residential buildings in Bergen County

5 Things That Change When You Move No Fee Apartment Rental in Brooklyn NYC

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No Fee Apartment Rental in Brooklyn NYC

Apartment rental in Brooklyn NY?

No Fee Apartment Rental in Brooklyn NYC

If you are moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn, you are likely going to see some changes in how life runs as you get acclimated to your new location.  The Brooklyn borough has its own vibe that is quite different from that of expensive Manhattan

As it is a continual rivalry between the two boroughs as to which is better, you will have to decide for yourself once you fully have experienced both cultures.

  1. Slower Pace

Compared to Manhattan, Brooklyn has a slower pace of life.  This may be because rent is cheaper than living in Manhattan so people aren’t quite on edge to make giant gobs of money just to avoid being evicted.

  1. Increase Train Time

When living outside of Manhattan, it is expected that you will spend more time on the train just trying to get around. It is true. You will spend more time on the train, but this also gives you an opportunity to get some reading in or make a to-do list.  Think of it as a chance to get other things done instead of wasted travel time.  The apartment rental Brooklyn NY are worth the added time on the train solely to have a more affordable rental rate.

  1. Abundant Eating Options

Commercial rent is also cheaper in Brooklyn, making it more affordable for small business.  Restaurants are in abundance throughout the borough that offers a wide selection of foods.  These are often locally owned businesses where the owner is easily accessible to ask questions.  In Brooklyn, you will find many niche places that specialize in a specific food.  It is hard to run out of affordable places to eat when you live in such a neighborhood.

 4. Scenic Views

Rooftop decks are all over luxury apartments in Brooklyn NY. Wonderful views that overlook the river and the Manhattan skyline. There are many more opportunities to experience these incredible views than other boroughs in the city.

  1. Getting Into the Arts

Brooklyn is packed full of creative minds.  Artists of every kind find themselves here and make their statements.  For those who don’t consider themselves to be artists, they are likely to start to appreciating the creative minds more.  The borough is painted with unique touches, live shows, art exhibits and inventive new technology.

5 Ways To Find A Luxury Rental Apartment In Brooklyn Heights

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apartments to rent in Brooklyn Heights

Living on your own can be exciting and scary at the same time. You can be excited to have the freedom to enjoy life on your own terms but scared because somehow you do not know what to expect. One of the exciting things about moving is trying to find that perfect place to live. In life nothing is truly prefect but sometimes we achieve what we think is perfection when our boxes on our list are all ticked.  Brooklyn Heights offers a mixture between old world charm (with its rich history) and metropolitan living with a number of revitalized urban developments.

Here are some tips on how to find luxury apartments for rent:

  • Select Your Favorite Neighborhood

There are a number of upscale neighborhoods in Brooklyn Heights where you can find your dream apartment. It all depends on your preference and what you enjoy doing. If you like to be close to everything and you don’t mind the college scene then downtown is the place for you.

  • Select a Place that Suits your Lifestyle

Sometimes we are not practical in making life’s decisions. In the decision making process, we need to know what we want. Often in order to know what we want we need to exam our patterns of behavior and lifestyle. If you like to relax at home in peace and quiet then various areas in Brooklyn Heights is not for you. Additionally, if you prefer a less commute time then maybe you would get a better location for you.

  • Explore Brooklyn Heights

This might sound weird but another way to find luxury apartments to rent in Brooklyn Heights is to explore the city. Often times, you are unaware of some hidden deals and gems because you have not taken the time to inform yourself of what Brooklyn Heights truly has to offer. It is great to get off your coach and actively search for a place, that way you will truly know the pros and the cons of your new location.

  • Get to Know the People in Your Preferred Community

Sometimes the best way to find a luxury rental is by word of mouth. Networking in the prospective neighborhood that you want to live is a great way to learning about new rental properties that have not been listed on the market as yet. Also, knowing the people in your desired neighborhood helps to make your transition to that community seamless.

  • Keep An Open Mind

Earlier I mentioned that often we have an idea of what our dream apartment will look and where it should be located. Sometimes, we are so fixed on this idea that we allow a perfectly great place to slip through our fingers, so to speak.  I suggest that while you search for your new place that you keep an open mind and do not over look a great apartment because at first it might not fit your dream.




Luxury Apartments for Rent in Brooklyn NYC

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luxury apartments in brooklyn ny

The historic borough of New York City’s Brooklyn is home to a wide variety of aged architecture and classic charm. These historic buildings, that are no longer being used for their original purposes, are being transformed and restored into luxury residential apartment. One of these building is the 110 Livingston. Right in the heart of Brooklyn Heights, you will find this Beaux Art-style landmark that has been transformed into one of the communities most celebrated buildings.

110 Livingston | Amenities

Among the top of the list of amenities is the pet-friendly environment. Bringing your pets to live with you and be welcomed by the community is one of the great draws for many residents. On site parking is a scarce commodity in NYC, but here it’s available. The building wants to allow for the greatest number of conveniences to accommodate the busy New Yorker’s lifestyle. An on-site gym and a 24-hour concierge also reign high on the list of building perks. To top it off, there is a roof deck with views showcasing the rest of Brooklyn.

110 Livingston | Apartment Features

These Brooklyn luxury apartment rentals feature kitchens with the latest appliances from Sub-Zero and Bosch making it a professional’s kitchen. Bamboo flooring is laid throughout the apartments to keep it looking clean, sleek and modern. The Bathrooms are appointed with marble finishes, giving off the true look of luxury. The spacious layouts with the modern conveniences combined with the historic features and characteristics of the building make for a one-of-a-kind ambience throughout the building.

 Brooklyn Heights Neighborhood

Living in an apartment in Brooklyn Heights gives easy access to the public transit, allowing for an easy commute into downtown Manhattan. The street cafes and the neighborhood restaurants near 110 Livingston make the neighborhood come alive in the evenings and the weekends. As people are out and about trying the wide variety of eats on each block. The tree-lined neighborhood streets are a charming element that seems to have a calming effect on the city.

Luxury rental apartments in Brooklyn with an historic charm are right in Brooklyn Heights. The 110 Livingston building offers classic and bold architecture that you can’t get in newly-built NYC buildings today.

8 Features Every Luxury Rental Apartment In Brooklyn Offers

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apartments for rent brooklyn heights

Very few have the opportunity of living in the lap of luxury. But, if you are loaded enough and do have the opportunity to experience sheer luxury, check out that you do not miss out on any facilities. Luxury rental apartments in Brooklyn are high on demand because of the exclusive features they are ready to provide.

The moment you walk into one of these luxury rental apartments, you would realize that these apartments look straight out of a Hollywood movie!

  1. Pools: Luxury apartments would naturally have swimming pools, but the kind of swimming pools matter. Some luxury apartments in Brooklyn have sky lighted indoor pools while others have outdoor heated swimming pools. If you can choose really well, some rental apartments such as Brooklyn Air offers swimming pools in the lap of clouds literally. Imagine having a swimming pool at a height of 400 feet. The pool could be as deep as 50 feet beautifully designed with mosaic tiles and a mind-blowing view of the city skyline!
  2. Roof decks: Having a deck perched high in the sky is real luxury. A landscaping lounge or roof deck offering a 360 degree view of the beautiful Manhattan and Brooklyn skyline, is almost like having a backyard in the clouds.
  3. Gym facilities or fitness centres: These apartments ensure that you stay fit with highly equipped modern fitness centres. Some apartments would also provide yoga facilities along with the gym. With great views, some fitness centres span across two stories, inspiring you to work out all the more!
  4. Lounges: Name a kind of lounge and these luxury rental apartments will have it. Media lounges are really in these days. Resident lounges are fully equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and barbeque facilities. Whether you simply want to chat with your friends over a steaming cup of coffee or work on a pending project, these lounges are the very best!
  5. Floor to ceiling windows: These windows bring in a dash of nature’s beauty giving you the full luxury to enjoy the Brooklyn skyline.
  6. World class furnishing:Get everything from 9-10 feet high ceilings, dark oak wood flooring, swanky customised walk in closets, sound bar system equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, world class fixtures, rooms flooded with LED lighting and spa style washrooms.
  7. Outdoor sports facilities: Jogging spaces, basketball courts, tennis courts, golf greens or a simple green stretch to go for your morning run. Luxury apartments have all the outdoor sports facilities.
  8. Storage and high end appliances: Choose from Italian cabinetry, sleek kitchens with world class stainless steel kitchen appliances which are equipped with climate control features and are energy efficient as well.

So, treat yourself to the luxury of these apartments. You can read more here about the luxury apartments.

Growth Of Commercial Rental Apartments In Brooklyn: A Market Study

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brooklyn commercial apartments for rental

This report will give you a quick view about changing rental prices in Brooklyn. Recently there has been an explosion found in commercial rental apartments in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn has witnessed a hike in the population ofthe city for the very first time since 1950. The reason behind this hike in population is the low crime rate, increase in growth opportunities in the city, high life expectancy, high record tourism and many more reasons that make thecity a better place for living. The current growth rate of the city is 2.4%.Brooklyn is just about to cross the Chicago (third largest city in the US) if it is kept on growing at this rate.

This increase in population has also created a huge demand of rental apartments and all this leads to growth of commercial rental apartments in Brooklyn.There was an explosion in commercial and residential development areas. Average rent in Brooklyn has slightly risen this year in comparison to the previous one. The average rent in Brooklyn is approximately $2,714. But however, it varies for different apartments like 1 bedroom units, 2 bedroom units, studios and many more. One can own an apartment as per his/her requirement and spending capacity. Let’s take a quick look on rents of various apartment types in Brooklyn.

Average rents in Brooklyn rose by 0.48% from $2,711.22 in March 2015 to $2,724.14 in April 2015. The average price for a one-bedroom and two bedroom units increased to 1.23% and .91%, respectively, since March 2015, while the average price for a studio fell 1.13% across Brooklyn. Boerum Hill has been the greatest change in rent prices sinceMarch 2015, with average rents falling 7.72%. Clinton Hill saw the greatest increases of any neighborhood in the report, with prices growing an average of 4.53%. For a year over year perspective, the largest changes in average rent prices occurred in the neighborhoods of Downtown Brooklyn and Greenpoint. The average rent is up10.8% in Downtown Brooklyn over the last year, from an average of $3,114.00 in April 2014 to $3,451.00 in April 2015. Average rents are down 7.7% in Greenpoint over the last year, from $2,896.00 in April 2014 to $2,673.00 in April 2015. Listing inventory increased by 1.17% – from 2,984 rental units to 3,019 rental units. Williamsburg comprised the largest amount of on the market inventory in the report this month, accounting for nearly 24% of all listings in this month’s report.

This market report is based on market survey on various commercial websites and usually the data are collected for the apartments priced under $10,000. It is clearly visible from the analysis from this collected data that the rents are going to set a new height in coming months.A faster influx of new residents to Kings County would place it right behind Los Angeles even sooner, maybe before 2020. You can read more here reveals about Rental Apartments In Brooklyn.

Smart Ways To Find Rental Deals On Residential Apartments In Brooklyn

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rental Brooklyn residential apartments

Whether you are in Manhattan or Brooklyn, looking for an apartment could be a tough task. Especially with the ever increasing rental rates and broker fees, you might simply not come across anything that is affordable. However, this happens if you do not know the Smart ways to find rental deals on residential apartments in Brooklyn.

  • Timing matters

Whenever, you are planning to crack a good deal (car or house or business), the timing matters a lot. It is one of the crucial factors. The housing inventory starts opening up from the month of May, so the prices are really competitive in the summer months as most of the demand is during that period. So, if you want to bag a smart deal on an apartment, you could make your move in the month of September or October. During this time, almost no demand exists and landlords are willing to negotiate on the rent.

  • No fee residential apartments

Broker fees are at an average of 12-15 percent of a year’s rent. So if you are paying a rent of $3000 per month, you could just imagine the thousands pf dollars you would shelling out to the broker itself. However, with alittle investment of time and a good research across the internet, you can come across many websites which have plenty of listings with the ‘no fee’ tag. Some of the notable websites you must visit list would be:

  1. com
  2. Renthop
  3. StreetEasy

Most of these websites have dedicated filters for no fee listings and also very low fee listings to help you save on those thousands of dollars, and still get a nice apartment for rent. Find out more at

  • Knowing the neighbourhood which suits you best

Buying an apartment for a very low rent which requires 2 hours of daily commute to your workplace makes no sense at all. Also, buying an apartment in a very noisy neighbourhood is not great for an elderly retired couple looking for some peace. Thus, with over sixty neighbourhoods, Brooklyn has something for everyone in terms of demographics, history, culture and vibe. Thus, if you choose smartly, you could actually get the very best.

  • Word of mouth marketing!

Well, tell everybody you know that you are hunting for an apartment. Use every possible method, put up a post on a social networking site, so that any friend or ‘friend of friend’ coming across that post would be able to get in touch with you. You never know that someone might be finishing their lease or looking desperately for a roommate. You could also consider putting it up on your office log in portal, so that even your colleagues can give you information on some great deals.

Top 5 Ways To Find Affordable Rental Apartments In Brooklyn, NY

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Affordability has become the most crucial factor for rental apartments. House hunters are running out of options in search of something that fits their budget. With Manhattan rental rates at an all-time high, the next best option that renters are considering is Brooklyn, NY. Everything is burning hot, rental rates, broker fees and fast moving inventory. With the demand for residential and affordable housing increasing by the day, buyers seriously have very little scope of negotiating.

But we have found 5 incredible ways, which if followed diligently could get you an affordable rental apartments in Brooklyn, NY.

  • Start early

There is a proverb, “the early bird getsthe worm”. Well, it is true for apartment hunting as well. If you start early you can have enough time to check out loads of options in terms of price, locality, facilities and much more. If you are shifting next monthand have just started your house hunt, you cannot expect any kind of negotiation space. It is an emergency, you will have to pay whatever the market demands.

  • Have a clear understanding of your budget and its upper and lower limits

If you know your budget well, you can plan your finances accordingly and be less confused during the negotiation phase. You would know exactly how high you can pay and do not keep changing your budget with every apartment you see, however much you like it. The general rule of the thumb is you should be earning about forty times your monthly rent to have asecure and good lifestyle.

  • Get a roommate to share your expenses

Rents can be high and the space can be really tempting. You like everything of that apartment, but is not typically affordable. So what? Make it affordable by tagging in a roommate. You share the monthly rent and it is half! Basically you get the best of both the worlds! Space and rent!

  • Visit apartments during weekdays

You would have a different understanding of a locality compared to if you visit during the weekends. After all you would be living in that apartment 365 days a year.

  • Play the waiting game

Again this is possible if you have enough time in your hands till the actual shifting date. Affordability kicks in after the summer rush subsides. During the month of May and June, most of the families are generating the demand willing to move in and get their children settled. It is from October that buyers can actually have an upper hand in the negotiation, and get some good discounts in the form of a month’s free rent.

To find out more ways to get affordable rental apartments visit

Pay Some Little Extra Dollar And Get Your Apartment Fixed

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dumbo apartment for rental

New tenants might question the need of paying the landlord extra money for security deposit. One thing you don’t know is that this is the money you should spare so that hen your house has something that needs fixing then you will be at peace. The money you paid to the landlord is supposed to be used to get anything with malfunction get fixed. On the other hand you must have in mind that once the money is used then chances are you will not be refunded when you want to exit the apartment. Another option is calling a professional get your house fixed as well

Give a tip

There you are thinking how it is not fair to pay extra money to your plumber or painter because you already paid them anyway. You have to realize that when you tip these people chances are that they will do it to perfection. Know that when doing os you are also creating a relationship that will be convenient for you in the future. This is because sometimes you might be broke and your sink is clogged or your fridge is broken, they will get it fixed for you even on credit.

Pay you landlord

Instead of creating a misunderstanding between you and your landlord on whose duty is to fix your apartment, why not just pay for the services at once? After all, your money will be refunded when you issue a notice of leaving. The procedure of convincing the landlord o get you house fixed can take long and may be there is a function you want to hold soon in your apartment. Paying r the landlord to get your cracked walls plastered would be an easy way out depending on the urgency of your situation. Maybe if you get a chance to live in Dumbo apartments for rental you will not have to go through all the hustle. The apartments have good finishing and you might not need anything fix.

Deal with the property manager

Landlords appear to be very busy people especially if they have a lot of property to handle therefore; they opt to hire a property manager. If you can’t reach your landlord then it is wise you talk to the property manager. In case you are in need of manager changes and fixing in your house then you will be forced to spend more than expected. The property managers are probably sitting in for their landlords and some things are beyond their mandate to act on. For instance, the property manager might not be in a position to renovate your apartment without the go ahead from the boss. What if the boss travelled and he is not coming any time soon? You will just have to spend money to get any fixing in your house. See money crashers.

Quick Methods Of Acquiring An Apartment In Brooklyn

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apartments to rent in brooklyn heights

Let us just admit that looking for an apartment to settle in in not an easy task especially for those who leave early in the morning for work and come back late in the evening. You find that with a tight schedule, you are not able to start hunting for an apartment yet you have that need to move to another place. You are not the only one, probably there are many people in your shoes but the difference is they know how to tackle house hunting. Or rather, you could start by looking at brick underground to give you some ideas.

Look up in the internet

The use internet in this era is wide spread which can be attributed to the ownership of smart phones a by large percentage of the population. The smartphone has made a lot of work easier and so does looking for a house. You can literally type the words “looking for a house” and the number of options that will pop up will be beyond your imagination. You will even wonder why you were getting frustrated in the first place. Once you have internet connection, you will definitely come across a variety of vacant house in Brooklyn, for status apartments to rent in Brooklyn heights.

Hire an agent

Maybe you are skeptical with the spread of internet use, there is a lot of fraud taking place and you don’t want to do any transaction virtually. Why don’t you get agent that you feel is genuine? First start with the agent you first had who got you the current apartment you are staying in to help you for another apartment. Agents have a high probability of running various houses and even have connections with other agents. If you get well connected agents then you will probably get a nice apartment.

Ask around

Utilize the people within the people within your circle to help you with any news concerning empty houses or soon vacated apartments. People in your circle can be relatives, friends, friends of your friends and colleagues. This is a wider circle that in point or the other one person may know of any house available which can be rented. Don’t ignore them just because they hang around you so they are not aware of what is happening in the real estate world.  If you don’t meet with these people quite often then you can opt to give them a call. Once they are in the know that you want a house, they will be alert and even help you ask further.

Check the classifieds

If you are not a fun of reading daily papers then at this point you start doing so. The real estate business like put their vacant apartments on the papers to reach out to many people who are in need of a house. It is better you start early because there are other people doing the same too.