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Luxury apartments in Brooklyn NY – Make it look Brooklyn style

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Wanna make your luxury apartment in Brooklyn NY look really beautiful?

Sometimes decoration is everything. It´s what makes your home look really nice and gives it that personal touch that makes you want to stay for good.

And Brooklyn´s got that something that makes it unique.

Brooklyn is the most populous of New York´s City´s Five boroughs. And it´s geographically adjacent to Queens at the southwestern end of Long Island.

If you are searching for the perfect place to live you can definitely find luxury apartments at Brooklyn NY and also there is another location which is chosen by thousands by people each year and are moving to apartments in Dumbo Brooklyn. A place which is really worth knowing.

But now we are going to help you out with 5 tips on how to decorate your apartment and make it look beautiful, of course always at the best architecture Brooklyn style:

  1. You can find Brooklyn Height rentals in buildings like 110 Livingston. If you live at this place you can use a modern decoration as this is a celebrated building, and it features bamboo floors and marble baths. Choosing ornaments that combine with this style will make it look really beautiful.


  1. Dumbo Brooklyn apartments are also available for rent and at 60 Water, these luxury apartments feature a decoration that will blow your mind. They are modern but at the same time cozy, so these kind of residences can be decorated with a lot of wood and classic furniture.


  1. 65 Washington at Dumbo has a very particular style, with its open kitchens with a lot of wood and hardwood flooring which gives it a warm touch. If you own an apartment of this style, you can add a country decoration to give it your personal touch. You can also paint one of the walls in a dark color and make the difference.


  1. At 30 Washington you can also find your Dumbo Brooklyn apartment, or if not take some ideas on this classic building´s style. This units are a mixture of classic and traditional architecture. If you love both, you can use them to decorate your apartment. It´s not bad mixing, you can even choose different areas and decorate one with a modern style and the other one with more classic furniture and ornaments. It´s up to you!


  1. Cobble Hills Mews is a very cool building and its units are definitely fashionable and modern. They have style and a personal touch that makes these apartments look unique. Hardwood flooring, cool pictures hanging on the walls, and a very lively and young style. You should take it into account!

Start now creating new ideas for decorating your apartment. You´ll find it interesting and fun and the best of all you´ll end up loving where you live!







125 Court Street – Apartment Rentals | Brooklyn, NY

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brooklyn ny rental apartments

Brooklyn, NY is home to some of NYC’s more historic neighborhoods. Two Trees Management has been transforming the residential scene of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods by renovating and building convenient, urban living spaces that New Yorkers need most. Brooklyn, NY rental apartments, like the ones available at 125 Court Street in Brooklyn Heights, is at the top of the list of fine living spaces and quality amenities.


Stylish Apartments

Who wouldn’t want a designer kitchen in their apartment? Or floor to ceiling windows with a view? The answer is basically no one. Everyone wants these things and at 125 Court Street that is what you will find. These architecturally distinct spaces are more than just homes they are works of art. Fabulously designed from the hardwood flooring to the marble bathroom vanity. Each room has its’ own special qualities such as custom millwork or a private terrace. The open floor plans allow for great views of NYC from any area of the living space. Apartment size options range from studio, one-bedroom to two-bedrooms. The kitchen in each unit are appointed with stainless steel, name brand appliances and signature woodwork. The master bedrooms have ample closet space with double doors and en-suit bathrooms.


Supersized Amenities

In this supersized building in Brooklyn, there is no shortage of amenities for residence. 125 Court Street features a package room, bike storage, a doorman and a concierge. There is underground parking and private terraces. Pets are welcome and there is a courtyard, which is perfect for enjoying some time out in the sun. The biggest amenity is the 40,000-square-foot YMCA fitness center attached to the residence. Everything from a basketball court, pool, to exercise equipment the YMCA is an all-in-one fitness center built for exercise and good, clean fun.


Scenic Neighborhood

Being a tall building at the crossroads of three of Brooklyn’s historic neighborhoods, there are some pretty great views to be seen from each unit. The cobblestone streets with trees lining each side make the street irresistibly charming. There are plenty of shops, restaurants, coffee houses and daily errand businesses in the neighborhood that make getting everyday tasks done very easy.


Easy Transportation

Getting throughout the city is incredibly convenient. In less than a six minute walk from the 125 Court Street apartment building you can hook up to at least nine main transportation routes including the: A, C, 2, 3, 4, 5, F, R, and G. Giving residents easy access to Manhattan and the rest of Brooklyn.

Manhattan’s Most Exciting Neighborhood

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apartments in west chelsea | Manhattan NYC

Manhattan, New York City is one of the most exciting places to live in all of the United States.  Manhattan is known for its wealthy business districts, the world-class dance and theater to be seen on Broadway, foods from the most prestigious chefs and is the capital for luxury shopping and living.  A new residence designed by the Rockwell Group is a 71-story tower of pure luxurious residences.  This building is really stiring up conversation about it’s amenities and the high-class people who live there.  They call this building, Sky.  The incredible views of the Manhattan skyline are taken in full advantage.  Large floor to ceiling windows in each apartment make for jaw-dropping vistas of the city.

Entertainment Near By

The Sky apartments in West Chelsea are just blocks from the top theatrical performances in the world.  Allowing for great access and easy availability to see all of the shows that are making NYC live up to its’ name in the performing arts.  Along with the best theater around, there is also a bustling nightlife with sophisticated lounges and clubs to enjoy any night of the week.  All of this is just right at your fingertips when you are live at Sky.  The convenience of being in the center of the city’s entertainment gives you great access to have a fun night on the town without having to go out and find it.  It’s right at your doorstep.

Restaurants in the Neighborhood

There is certainly no shortage of restaurants in this part of Manhattan either. Famous restaurants like Hell’s Kitchen are near by.  Plus, foods from all over the globe can be found right in the neighborhood. From Italian to South American dishes to fantastic seafood, it all can be found in West Chelsea.  There is no way that a person can go hungry even for a day when you live in a place with such a wide assortment of wonderful restaurants and eateries.

Parks to Enjoy

Just outside the doors of Sky, lays the 550 acre, Hudson River Park.  All with great views of the Hudson River and miles upon miles of paths for walking, running or biking on a nice day.  Water activities are also available for people to go paddle-boarding, kayaking or sailing. Besides just staying on the water, there are multiple places for kids to play and for dogs to run around.  Within the park there are also basketball and volleyball courts, batting cages, bowling, golf, ice skating, mini golf, rock climbing, swimming and so much more.  The park is to be used as a center for getting active and having a great time while doing it.

What You Need To Know About Your Real Estate Agent

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brooklyn ny rental apartments

Real estate agents are all over the place waiting to offer you their services in getting apartment. This is the more reason why you have to know the exact person you are dealing with. Some of them pause as real estate agents to dupe you with your money. Take time to follow up if you are dealing with the right person. Here are some of the things you should look for or do to identify a legit real estate agent.

Get referred by successful cases

It is only obvious that you will believe that the referred agent is legit. Most of the time, your friends or colleagues will give you their successful stories of the agents they were dealing with. At the same time, those who had a bad experience will warn you not go close or associate with them. It is also not a matter of only being legit but the services being offered by the agents. Of course you will believe your friends as opposed to total strangers.

Look for a registered company

By now you can differentiate who is registered or not. In as much as other will prove to you that they are registered and have an office, it might not be legit. Look up on the internet where most fraudster are listed. It is definite if they are not who they claim to be, their names will appear on the list. Another option is to ask pronounced agency thatis known around the area you are considering to stay. Money US news also have similar insights.

Ask for social security number

Any adult working already has a social security number and this is what you can use to track or trace the agents. It is essential you request for both identity number or card and those get the serial number of which if you run them on internet, you will see their names appear plus area of work. Take note that I am not saying to take these items and immediately run to close computer next you. It is something you only do if you are suspecting devious behavior. If you go on doing that to every real estate agent then you will end up wasting a lot of time. Other might even think you are a detective.

Request to go view the property with the agent

An agent will not be willing to take you see a property that is not under his care for the fear of being caught. The red alert to look for is when they start giving you excuse and end up not taking you to see the house. Today you will hear he is out of town, tomorrow he will be committed in a meeting and the story is always the same. Even Brooklyn NY rental apartments have their own agents.

Historic Brooklyn Heights Apartments with No Fee

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Brooklyn Heights No Fee Rental

Brooklyn Heights is more than just a neighborhood in NYC. It’s a place with great charm, architecture and history. To live in such an interesting part of the city with an unparalleled view of the Manhattan skyline just can’t get better than living in Brooklyn Heights. With a short commute across the river into downtown, there is no better place to live. Plus, there are Brooklyn Heights’ apartments with no fee, meaning that you don’t have to pay a realtor fee when you find the apartment of your dreams!

Let’s take a look at what makes Brooklyn Heights historic and what gives it that lovely historic charm throughout the neighborhood.

What makes Brooklyn Heights Historic?

Brooklyn Heights has been an area in use since the late 18th century. George Washington and his army men retreated to this area after the Battle of Long Island against the British in 1776. Then once the ferryboat got up and running between Brooklyn Heights and Manhattan in the early 19th century, it started to become a well-populated community since it was just a few minute boat ride across the river. With it’s further development it brought on many new buildings such as churches, government centers, businesses and housing properties.

The next big boost for Brooklyn came the Brooklyn Bridge in 1883, making it even easier to access the main hub of the city across the river. With this great way to easily access the city, many people started moving to Brooklyn Heights to escape the much to crowded parts of lower Manhattan.  This officially made Brooklyn Heights the first suburb of New York City.

Pushing into the 20th century, the original buildings and churches were marked as historical buildings and were to be maintained. This is still in effect today, so you can see the classic architecture throughout the neighborhood reflecting the 18th and 19th century styles. It is the history that dates back to the beginning of the US as a country that makes this a historic district. Having buildings preserved and protected in order to keep the history in the neighborhood gives that special charm to everyday life.

The simple perks, such as, the charm in the historic buildings and the history behind the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood are just the start to all the benefits of living in this part of New York City. With the unmatched views of downtown Manhattan, Brooklyn Heights can brag about having the best vistas in the city. Being able to snag an apartment with no realtor’s fees is also a perfect way to get set up in a new building. With many historic buildings in the neighborhood, some of these buildings have been restored into new luxury apartments that are ready for you to enjoy.